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    Hello: Your best bet is the Vivid Leak Sentinel, with the electric vacuum pump. I have three Model 5 Leak Sentinels installed in my housings and they work great. I use the electric vacuum pump. Using them has saved me from some bad leaks. I highly recommend them. Cheers, Elias. https://www.vividhousings.com/leak-sentinel.php#:~:text=LEAK SENTINEL V4 - pre dive,detector for any uw housing!&text=The housing is closed 15,starts blinking%2C indicating ambient pressure.&text=Green LED blinking indicates that,leakage (safe to dive).
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    Nauticam NA-D300s housing in excellent condition. It was used 2 dives in the pool, for lens tests. After that, it lay in the box. Housing condition is "like new". There are no any tracks of usage. Complete housing kit, including spare o-rings, tools, box and documents. Price = 500 USD. Payment: PayPal. Delivery: EMS, UPS, DHL.
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    Hey guys, Sharing my first shot using Canon 7D and Tokina 10-17 fisheye. Its my first time to DSLR
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    No strobes allowed when shooting manatees! This was with my 7D Mark II.
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    Caribbean Reef Sharks in the crystal clear waters of the Turks & Caicos islands.
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    Here are some from Moi The image of snells window reminded me of the nursery rhyme 'hey diddle diddle......... just some fun. Cheers, Diggy
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    Very lightly used, was my backup rig. Few saltwater, few freshwater dives, cleaned and stored in ac for most of its life. Lens is old and works fine. Has a flood sensor. Will include a single strobe cable, might be able to find a dual sync cable but if so, it will be little used, not as pristine as the camera and housing. $1000 shipped in us
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    Subal D30 housing for Nikon D300. Included: Subal housing (I purchased second hand and used on one trip-no leaks of any kind), Subal Type 4 FP-90 flat port, D300 camera, Nikon 60mm AF micro F2.8. The housing has the Subal 180degree magnified viewfinder. The 60mm lens and the FP-90 Port were purchased BRAND NEW and used on one trip, maybe 15 dives in total. Selling as I set this up to have a dedicated macro rig in the water at all times and it just was too much to tote around. Loved the setup but overkill for me. Not looking to get a lot out of it but considering replacement cost on the viewfinder alone am asking $1000 plus shipping for everything.
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    A-series SPL Waterhousing made to fit Nikon D300S. A great waterhousing for photographing surfing, sailing, kite boarding, bodyboarding, or many other shallow water activities and rated to a maximum depth of 25-30 feet. Housing is constructed of ultra lightweight aluminum. Sheared, formed on a sheet metal press brake and then welded solid by certified welder. All aluminum is hard anodized to protect against salt water corrosion. The water housing is then painted with industrial powder coat paint. Weight is 3 lbs with fisheye port and pistol grip. Features & Controls Control for photo/video and rec/pause. Shutter Speed Aperature Manual shutter release on side for emergency backup. Large LCD windows on top and back of housing. Detachable side grip. Latest new molded detachable pistol grip with all new custom designed two stage autofocus grip. Detachable flash option so you can later add a flash. Included Items Camera housing. Upgraded more expensive dome port to fit a standard lens, fisheye lens or wide angle lens. Detachable pistol grip with 2 stage autofocus. Detachable side grip. Custom leash. Neoprene port cover. Additional parts, tools and o-ring grease. Manufacturers instructions. Shockproof rigid foam lined travel/storage case measuring approximately 23"x18"x10" Housing is only 3 years old in mint condition and has had very little use. Used only 4 or 5 times max. Absolutely no blemishes, scratches, dings, floods or the like. Purchased brand new from SPL and paid about $1,900 for everything with the extra options. A great deal at $1,095. Contact hodgkins.doug@gmail.com
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    Hello everyone! I have the following for sale for $950: Nikon D300 - lightly used in like new condition - Battery charger and 2 batteries - 18-55 lens Ikelite Housing - lightly used in like new condition - On tray with two handles, bolt snap, and retractor - Oring in excellent shape, seals perfectly 8” Ikelite Dome Port - lightly used in like new condition 1 Ikelite Optical Cable for use with strobe Please feel free to contact me with any questions: covington.d@gmail.com or 305-301-9115 Best, Derek



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