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    last weekend we went dove the 'Flagpole' dive site in Hood canal, it is probably one of the best diving spot in that area, and behold, this easily wingspan 10 foot plus giant pacific octopus decided to come out of its den and say hi to us. absolutely once a life time experience for myself. shot on 1dx + retra strobs, WACP1 7-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 13-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 12-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 2-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr 1-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr
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    shot on Night dive at Edmond underwater park, Nauticam 1dx + 28-70mm( WACP1) Spotted ratfish/Chimera is one of my favorite fish, they are generally a deep water fish hanging out around 500-3000 feet, but on some west coast of US and part of europe they come up to the shallow depth , which is quite a rare treat. spotted ratfish by Joe Hua, on Flickr ratfish1-1 by Joe Hua, on Flickr
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    Wow beautiful shots. Very clear, colorful with nice lighting. Well done!
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    thank you ! pretty much WACP1 is my favorite lens and the only lens I use on all my dives right now, as I don't really shoot macro, one WACP1 does pretty much all I need, the second picture is wacp 28-70 at 28mm, it is actually quite wide, and the last photo is in the 70mm, all the way zoomed in. It gives me incredible range and flexibility to work with during a dive.
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    Great photos. Now following you on Flickr too. Particularly interested in images taken with the wacp-1. Please post many more, thanks. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
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    As a tech diver, I use a pair of Shearwater Petrels. As a photographer, I put eneloop AAs in them because I have hundreds of them. I get about 20 hours out of each battery I think. I don't really keep track - easy enough to pull the battery and charge it with the rest of the strobe batteries. The advantage of the newer Shearwaters (Perdix, Teric) is that they have an inbuilt compass. Helpful for consolidating gear when the boat driver tells you to swim a certain way to hit the wreck. I haven't seen anyone in the water with a console computer in a very long time, at least not unless they were a newbie using hire gear. And I tend to keep my primary computer on my right wrist as this is the one I hold the camera with for shooting. That way it's always out in front of me and easy to glance at. I guess this is a strange habit for those who wear watches in their dry life but there's not as many of those people as there used to be.
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    Welcome to Wetpixel (even I am not the moderator), The famous Tony Wu is from Singapore if I have not mistaken, he is one of the best in the business ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonywublog/



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