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    I agree it is very sad, but I don’t think it is the end. OM-D may well pull out of a lot of markets but may hang on in Japan. That was JIP’s model for Sony Vaio. Remember they are about to release a flagship (and expensive) 150-400 f4 Telephoto with built in teleconverter. The R&D is a sunk cost but why incur new variable costs for marketing and distribution? And if this move was just for the purpose of liquidation then why form a new company? Although Japanese business law may confer advantages for the new company for downsizing, redundancies, and tax. I’m fully invested in bodies, lenses, and housing. The format gives me advantages for macro and telephoto and the trade offs are acceptable for what I do. None of it stopped working with this announcement so I’ll keep using all my gear for a long time to come. If there are great deals coming then bring them on!
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    Thanks for watching and your comments. Raja Ampat is a fantastic place: the best of the best!
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    Elphinstone :-)
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    Great video and interesting story! Raja Ampat is definetely on our list! :)
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    Thanks for sharing, I have wonderful memories of R4 and this brought many of them back. Max has had such an interesting life



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