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    Hi, Tinman: The first person to contact me was the first to send me the shipping costs, but not until 5 days after the notice had been posted. Everybody else had those days to contact me and send the shipping cost. Day before yesterday I shipped him the handles, they are gone. Sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment but everybody else had plenty of time to act. The funny thing is that some months ago I put these same handles up for sale at about 1/4 of their market value, and nobody was interested. But when they were offered Free to Good Diver, several persons have expressed strong feelings and feel victimized because somebody else was first. My decision was based on the simple First Come - First Served. Over and out.
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    Thanks for the quick response, Mr. Ross. That's exactly what I needed on focal length. BTW Your posts have helped me immensely in my 4/3 journey



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