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    That observation is how fiber optics work. If you look at the ESKA fibers for example, their 2 mm fiber has a minimum bend radius (0.5dB) of 80 mm or more than 3 inches. If you look at their 1 mm fiber the minimum bend radius is 25 mm or about an inch. If you look at the 613 core fibers (1 mm fiber diameter) the minimum bend radius is 1 mm, and for the 1.5 mm diameter fiber it is 3 mm. This means that it is easy to coil the multi-core stuff and that if you crimp a large diameter fiber it will stop transmitting. Certainly polishing of the ends (there are better ways than candles) will improve transmission. If you don't want coiled cables then large diameter fiber is fine. If you want them coiled then the multi-core stuff is easier to work with. YMMV Bill
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    Hi, I'm new to wetpixel. I have both the A7r4 and A7s3 bodies. Been shooting UW video with a Sony RX100 Vii with Nauticam housing for a year or more and plan to upgrade to theA7s3. When I talked with Nauticam 2 weeks ago they felt the Nauticam housing for the A7r4 would not work with the A7s3 body. On a close visual inspection the Video trigger on the A7s3 looks to be ever so slightly larger than the C1 button (Same location) on the A7r4. It really looks like the 2 bodies are the same size, but I don't really have a way to measure to the degree I think is needed for assurances. Also the ports on the left side are different on each camera body if you were going to connect something external that can be a factor. Anyway I'm about to pull the trigger on the Nauticam A7s3 housing as soon as I get comfortable on the lens and port configuration that suits me best. When I do have the housing (Available but on backorder for 2-3 weeks) I will be able to physically put the bodies into the A7s3 housing and see what shakes.



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