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    Hello Mr.Joss, Thanks for sharing your experience. My setup is Nauticam housing for A7RIII + Canon fisheye 8-15 + extension + 140mm fisheye dome port = 800 g YS-D3 x2 = -50 g Weefine 2300 focus light = 250 g Total = 1000g + ~500g for 7 clamps and 2 arms I think I will stick with only fisheye setup, I'm not a professional photographer and I'm not used to shoot macro shots. I wish I will buy Nauticam diameter 70 x 250 mm carbon fiber floats x2 (buoyancy = 520 g each ) and weigh it underwater. After that I will fine tune the buoyancy with high density foam or maybe buy small floats.
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    Update after many many emails I got paid.



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