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    Hi, time to get some space in the shelfs... Offering this housing without port, included is the original box, english manual, and a set of handles Housing is in good shape, only the white colour is going loose.. I can offer two bodies, one in like new condition, the other with signs of use, specially the typical screen thing that Sony cameras have... But good working. Body caps are included, just one borrowed yesterday for another cam, new ones came today.. If needed i can offer as well a 16mm Sony pancake. A used Inon D2000 type 2 is available as well. If you want more or bigger pics, send me an email. Housing with the "used" cam 500.- Housing with both cams 600.- Plus shipping. Send me your adress and i will find a quote. Regards, Wolfgang
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    Make a card pattern to measure the radius of the inside of the dome. It's easy, when you insert the pattern, to see whether you need to make it bigger or smaller to fit the dome curvature perfectly. The point of the compass you use to make the correct circle will be the centre of curvature. c. of c on my pattern. No parallax points for many lenses are available online (same as apparent front entrance pupil) and you want the centre of curvature of the dome and the no parallax point in the same place if possible. See the diagram for where the NPP is for the 14-24 at 14. Choose the extension closest in length to achieve this. Many photographers get better results with the 16-35.



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