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    If that lens comes in at a mid 4 figure price, I’ll buy it for wildlife. Imagine the equivalent of 300-1000mm handheld with the sync IS of the top Olympus bodies, and up to 2000mm with their teleconverters. I was theoretically sceptical that this made any sense until I saw Robin Wong’s videos on YT doing that with the current 100-400 zoom, which the halo lens should eclipse. He shows some amazing IQ at extreme ranges. Feel free to call me a fan boy, and chime in about m4/3 noise and dynamic range and useable ISO and zooms versus primes. All factored in. I’m a hobbyist not a pro, and I’ll be out hiking longer and higher than I could with a D6 and a scuba tank sized telephoto!
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    It always struck me that the very best underwater camera operators are really good at breath-hold diving. I have to improve my free-diving skills a lot in the next few months as it looks like I'm going somewhere that tanks aren't allowed. At the moment I struggle to manage a length of the pool underwater but I need to be able to hang 10m down in the Pacific for a while filming stuff. Any tips for improving free-diving technique with video in mind? I know a lot of it is just a case of relaxation and practice but I'm sure there's more to it than that. Any good books/videos/courses/websites on the subject?



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