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    I've used flip mounts, the AOI bayonet system, and regular screwing. I second the flip getting in the way---I'm usually pulling strobes in close for macro right where they would go. As for the bayonet system, I enjoy it for the speed of switching. I mounted two bayonet receivers on my focus light arm off the cold-shoe mount that allowed me to swap wet wide-angle with diopter. No problems except that switching lenses usually makes the housing's trim change. Where the bayonet really won for me is entering the water and quickly flushing bubbles out between lens and face. I lost too many shots needing to unscrew, wave away bubbles, and rescrew. And one time lost a lens---I started to cheat by only lighting screwing the wet lens before entering, as I'd need to take it off anyway. Til I screwed a little... too lightly.
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