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    Hi there, I just wanted to post some pictures from Lembeh 2019 as a test. This are some Double Exposure in camera pictures i took that trip. Enjoy! PB037880 by Kevin De Saeger, on Flickr PA307390 by Kevin De Saeger, on Flickr PB038620 by Kevin De Saeger, on Flickr
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    There some interesting books about filmmaking and image composition for video. My personal choice would go for "The Visual Story: Creating the visual structure of film, TV and digital media" and "The Filmmaker's Eye: Learning (and Breaking) the Rules of Cinematic Composition" . You'll get the basics with some good examples. About stories, it can be very wide, depending on the subject. Most people shoot and edit a summary of their vacation. Others try to bring a message. Then you have to specialize. If you like wrecks, making a film on wrecks may require a bit of investigation on the history of the wreck. If you want to do a wildlife film, then you also have to get some skills in finding and approaching the critters you want to show which might bring you into underwater macro videography.
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    I mostly shoot photos, very few films as I don't have the patience to edit clips! (a few on my instagram) If i do film, I start filming once at depth to be honest My "workflow" is : Turn the camera on and get appropriate settings breath up (no hyperventilation) Duck dive while pulling the camera behind you (rather than pushing it forward) position yourself vertically at the desired depth (don't be too harsh on the turn, you don't want a squeeze if you're at 30-40m depths) Start filming Go up (by being vertical, you're already in position to go up) If the subject is moving (dolphins, whale shark), then really it'all about keeping up and filming. Don't be surprised if contractions come quicker than in the pool as you will be much more active with a camera in the hand (more Co2). Not sure i can help more though, let me know
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