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    Crotch or butt d-ring are not a viable option because then the camera hangs below/behind you with no control. Crotch d-ring can be a temporary storing option if you are not using a dpv and you are midwater but again not really the best place. Options are left shoulder d-ring (can be problematic if you are carrying more deco stages and have to do gas switches or move tanks) or right shoulder d-ring. If you are trained in longhose management then there is no problem in deployment while having a camera there, you just have to make sure that the camera lanyard is long enough to allow you to push the camera under your arm but not too long to allow the camera to move around too much. In the picture you can see what I use. Gives me plenty of options to handle the camera. Happy to explain more if you want.
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    A few images I shot on a short break at Heron Island Qld Australia It was great to see this anemone all balled up, it was a shame I couldn't hang around for the peak of action when both fish were out but it was a led dive and they left me behind as it was. Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye If I had my time again I would of dropped the power down a touch on the lower strobe. Blacktip reef shark, this was shot from above the water whilst standing on a jetty Canon 5dmkiv with 135mm f2 Green sea turtle from the Heron Bommie, If I had my time again I would of put my strobe in full rabbit ears position to get some flash on the turtle. This was shot freediving so a tad tricky to make too many adjustments Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye



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