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    Well, that is weird - am no physicist, but suggests the sensor may not be as sensitive to red light? Just took a look at the S-Turtle trigger - looks like an interesting bit of kit, . Maybe test it on Manual rather than TTL first just to ensure you get a bright enough output? Fingers crossed it works for you!
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    The 8mm Fisheye is a good choice. Alternatively you can cover the inbetween buy using a 14-42mkII lens and using the WWL-1 Wetlens. I'd prefer the Fisheye for two reasons: It's lighter and it's wider which will be useful for most shots. I would not bother with any of the larger domes and rectilinear wides (8-18mm, 7-14mm etc). I also don't think lenses like the 12-40 PRO or similar are that useful underwater. People seem to look at lenses with a completionist mindset, trying to cover all the focal lengths, but it's really not necessary to cover everything from the start. WWL-1 or Fisheye is the choice you have really.
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    Just watched it again, enjoyed it twice as much as the first time.
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    About 7 years ago I wanted to buy the Zen 230 glass dome but I was assured that the Nauticam glass was the same, so I bought it. To check, I took a template of the internal radius of my Nauticam dome to Bangkok to see if Douglas Seifert's Zen dome was the same. They seemed identical. A +2 B&W dioptre will improve corners, but also reduce the angle of view. I found I didn't need it with the 230 glass and Nikon 16-35. If the corners are a problem I would try the Sea & Sea Internal Correction lens. If I was doing this again, I would try the Sea & Sea first with the 8.5" acrylic dome which is so much lighter, cheaper and easier to polish if necessary.
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    I bought two D3s last year, and got the S&S fibre cables at the same time. Pleased to confirm it works well (as claimed by S&S) with the Nauticam Oly trigger, which has white light LEDs. I do make sure to keep my sensor windows and cables scrupulously clean just in case, and I'm careful about how I pack the cables to avoid wear and tear as they aren't cheap!
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    I will be sending Stuart some home made cables from 613 and 1000 core fibers as well as some 3 mm fibers that have good transmission as well. Bill
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    Alex, it would be interesting to see a similar analysis and graph done for a fisheye lens.
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    I'm pro lanyard all the time. I clip on a coiled lanyard as soon as I splash. I have had to deal with critical safety and rescue scenarios more than once under water where there is no time for spare for the camera. Not having a lanyard already in place means you either don't deal with the emergency when needed most, or you lose the camera.
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    Deep6 Eddy fins, light, powerful, best control ever... My personal favorite piece of equipment



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