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    Attached is a photo of the Nauticam NA-A7C housing with the original WWL-1 next to the original Nauticam NA-A7R IV housing with the WACP-1. Keep in mind that the A7R IV housing was the smallest (before A7C) full frame housing on the market and that A7R IV boosts the largest number of MP's with a 35mm sensor. Also notice the placement of the second M14 mount on the front of the housing. The M14 for the vacuum valve is on the rear door of the clam shell type housing. The clam shell styleA7C housing with rotary cam lock is also a first for a full frame housing.
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    Very nice DB, congrulations. Im a mediterranean person as well but cant go that deep unfortunately which metering mode are you using? Thanks a lot Lutfu
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    No worries! I was wondering if you were the same person! I'll answer your zoom gear question from SB. There is no native zoom gear. I have been working on a design for a 3d printed zoom gear, and have gone through many revisions. I think I finally have one that will work, but I need to order some hardware and then test topside. Now that I plan to upgrade to Nauticam, I have kinda stopped development on the gear for now. Here is the last update: Sea Frogs Salted Line A6XXX - Zoom Gears | ScubaBoard
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    Ah, sorry mate, just realised I've messaged you on scubaboard too, please ignore that one. That's a shame, was really wondering how practical it was underwater, yeah C-19 has a lot to answer for! Glad to hear the 10-17mm works on the mc-11 though. Hopefully we can all get back in soon.
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    The second pair was shot at f/22 in the creek that is just a few meters from where I took the previous shot. The water is even shallower. You can see the affect of the curved field on the rock in the foreground on the left side of the frame - more in focus toward the center of the frame (where the spruce needle is located on the rock). Pair same as above - one with corrections and one without. WP is allowing me to upload only one shot......:-<<<< Conclusion: f/22 is still marginal. Tom
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    I did some test shots with the 14mm Nikkor D-AF lens a few months ago - the sun finally came out but the salmon were done so I had to do something useful with the weather!! I used a standard Seacam Superdome for these images. There are special versions (with larger throats and matching PVLs) for larger diameter lenses. The first pair is in a nearby lake shot at f/16. One is with and the other without lens corrections for the lens in Lightroom (proper lens automatically gets picked if tiny box is clicked). The water was too shallow to submerge the dome all the way and am pointing the camera so as to not be shooting straight into the sun. Location is on the north shore of the lake making this challenging. Marginal at f/16 is my conclusion. Tom
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    I got my second dose today, and I am leaving for Roatan on Saturday. The timing has all worked out well for me.



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