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    Hey Marco thats amazing and it looks like he found a better home now regards Lutfu
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    I have various friends with just about every kind of drysuit. I myself have also had Bare and Waterproof suits. I have friends with Santi, Fourth Element, DUI, Otter, O'three, Bare, Waterproof, Hollis, Aqualung/Whites, ScubaPro, Deep6 Gear, Ursuit, ScubaForce, and probably some that I can't remember right now. I used to be an instructor for a shop that sold most of those brands. I cannot name another suit that I think is softer and lighter fabric than the Seaskin trilaminate that I think is also as durable as the Seaskin. Maybe there is one out there and I just haven't seen it. But, considering you can buy 3 Seaskin drysuits for the cost of one custom fit Santi or Fourth Element (just for example) I'll be sticking with Seaskin...
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    I can add something regarding the zippers: my wife and me have Seaskin trilaminate since 8 years now. I have sent them back to the factory, the first time since purchase, for general maintenance, pressure-check and we want additional bags on the legs (we now have wingsuits, no more space to store anythings). The company contacted me and wrote that after the pressure test they think the zippers (they are made from metal), need to be exchanged... => I think this is o.k. for a span of 8 years and hope we will dive with the suits for many more years. Like Bvanant and Stuart I can recommend Seaskin as really good value drysuits, although one may get more comfortable suits (softer and lighter fabric, but still durable) in the very high price segment... Wolfgang
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    Thanks a lot DB for detailed answer All clips looking amazing welldone to whole team regards Lutfu
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    I second the vote for Seaskin. Great suits, very inexpensive, I have the SiTech neck and wrist seals. I have about 800 dives on mine and it has behaved perfectly. I will be ordering a second one for backup (I have the plastic zipper and if they fail it is quite sudden). Bill



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