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    Here are a few more R5 sample videos, shot with the same settings as I had in the previous post. This time I used the EF 8-15mm fisheye lens. Depth this time was in the 55-60 ft range, sunny conditions.
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    FS ULC 12" Buoyancy Flash Arms x 2......£30 for the pair plus shipping Please contact Mark Webster via email for more details: mark_webster50@hotmail.com
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    Hello, just graded some test footage from Bonaire (November 2020). Sony A7SIII, 4K60fps 422 10-bit, ISO 12800 for all shots, Keldan ambient and spectrum filter. Graded in Adobe Premiere with a Phantom Arri LUT:
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    Market intelligence company has surprising and interesting prediction https://petapixel.com/2021/02/08/report-predicts-that-the-future-of-imaging-is-in-underwater-cameras/
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    Hi - I'm Lori Ann, and I live in Northport, NY (USA). I started doing underwater photography with a GoPro in 2013. I upgraded to an LX10 in 2017, and I'm now ready to upgrade again to mirrorless. I've started poking through Wetpixel forums and am eager to get advice. I'm also happy to answer questions about the LX10 and it's Nauticam housing. I've done macro using the CMC1 and CMC2, so I can also answer questions about that.
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    Nice work, you got some good footage there. Someday, I would love to see that, too.



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