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    Night dives in the sandy beaches of Ibiza, in the Mediterranean sea are always a surprise, you can find species that it's imposssible to see during the daylight, this is why I love that kind of diving. SVF13022021083
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    Sold. Thanks. Glad to see it getting more use in the future!
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    I've been using the strobes since July via electrical sync. ROCK solid. And will probably end up just diving that way. The FO is for the pool stuff I do with models. But time will tell ...
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    I "lost" my cap for a few days and then ended up finding it. After that scare, I bought some little square stickers from Amazon and did the following:
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    Nothing really the full frame use case is low light or extremely high dynamic range for landscapes None of those situations exist underwater. The fluid dampens dynamic range and most times you lack contrast and low light means low no colour so you introduce artificial lighting anyway Once you balance those two and operate at constrained depth of field full frame offers no benefit to the average user than a cropped format Obviously if you remove bulk and start looking at WACP type of equipment the situation changes but just plugging a standard full frame in a dome even large does not really move the needle anywhere



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