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    I'd say it comes down to how happy are you with your current setup for shooting wide-angle during trips. If you are happy with it, then get the MF-1 + snoot package; for shooting macro it's basically unrivaled. On the other hand, if better wide-angle capability is important, then get a Z-330 and accept reduced macro performance.
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    I agree with ChrisRoss - always suspect the last thing you changed before the problem started. What I'm wondering is whether or not the new ring is deforming under pressure at 32m? This is only 104 feet, and should be well within the limits of the equipment, but it's always possible some minor flaw might be causing the sealing surface to shift enough to leak. I think the best test is the paper towel in the empty (weighted) housing on a dive to the same depth.
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    Outstanding. Love the GPOs, big yelloweye rockfish, and tiny puget sound king crab. Great edit too.
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    If by chance anyone with this same question happens upon this thread in the future, the screw size is M2.5.
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    Just a comment on your disclaimer: most of the internal (hidden) O-rings of Nauticam housings are grey, not black. E.g. the O-rings of all the push button axles and rotary axles are grey. I have no information of whether the oil you suggest, is compatible or not with any of the O-rings. Although O-rings generally speaking are very strong, I have seen cracked, clipped, torn and softened O-rings as a result of extreme weather, misuse, chemical misuse, and wear/tear.
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    Send it in for service. You'll get all new orings for buttons, and a pressure test to certify it. After frying a camera, I would not dive that housing again with out a full service. At 4-5 years old it clearly is past due.
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    I think she is using log simply because it gives the vibe of ISO 12800 or whatever it is and then no LUT is applied aka she is editing manually Sony applies extensive noise reduction and sharpening to log footage in this camera so doesn’t look like the log of other manufacturers When we measured low light performance and dr for raw this camera did worse than Panasonic s1h and s5 but with artificial illumination DR is not a consideration and frankly almost never is underwater Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk



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