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    Yes, ATM I haven't my camera here. As far I remember the green dot appear only when the focus is acquired and you keep pressing the button. This is the way people doing macro use it because this conf. works in manual focus too: - You set the camera in MF. - You get the basic focus via AF - You nail the desired focus via the port focus knob. For WA shots the other method was my preferred one since GH2 before having an ext monitor. Bye and compliments for your videos!
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    Officially this problem does not exist for WP. P.S. The only way to use AF-Lock with an external monitor is configuring it like on macro work: AF-Lock: AF-ON. But you are forced to keep pressing the AF-Lock button until focus is acquired. All other AF-LOCK configuration are broken once you plug an external monitor (I tried even with my PC monìtor). A subtle but nasty bug never solved by Panasonic.
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    I have the Pana 7-14mm and my wife the Zuiko 9-18mm. We both use it behind Zen DP-170. 7mm is already so wide that the corners are not good with the 170mm dome (the DP200 is recommended for 7mm; Zen DP170 and Nauticam180 are too small. ). 9mm is better (Very similar IQ to the 7-14mm @9mm) and you can zoom out to 18mm, instead to 14mm only. Probably the Pana 8-18mm is the optimum in case you want to buy a new lens (for this lens you need the Nauticam 180 domeport), but the Zuiko 9-18mm is already very good (and goes with both Zen DP170 and Nauticam180); I would stay with 9-18mm and use the Zuiko 8mm fisheye for real very wide angle... Wolfgang
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    Hi guys, any new ideas or solutions in this case? I have not used AFL in the past. But today i tried it and the same problem here on the GH5 and Dive&See monitor. btw: anyone interested in a D&S monitor? FS: Dive and See monitor DNC5A - Classifieds - Wetpixel :: Underwater Photography Forums Alex
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    And my other favorite shots from 2020 was this anemone in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
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    This is one of my favorites from 2020. Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
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    I've been an avid diver my whole life. Exotic travel and U/W photography is my hobby. I've traveled to 88 countries - and been in all the SEAS from the Arctic to Anarctica. And just now joing Wetpixel. Mark
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    Hello! I am Simon, I am from Toronto, Canada and I (so far) we have only dived the nice warm water in the Caribbean and the Indo/Pacific regions. Last dives were to the Philippines (before the '19) and that was grrreat! ... 'not another frog fish'. I have lately dove with an aging Sony RX100m2 in Meikon Plastic with an Inon Z330 and Archon VL using an Inon UCL165M67 Diopter for Macro and a DIY fiber-optic Snoot for the '330 (as non were available retail before my trip) using 'rino old school cardboard cuttouts and a friends wet 3D printer. Using the strobe (primarily) and the snoot completely changed my underwater photography life. I resisted strobes so long - I was so wrong. My biggest personal challenge (as an older, and once a year diver) is remembering the motor skills and the (paltry) imaging skills that I learnt the previous year. I am looking to an improved housing, improved optics and a back lighting armature for my snoot.
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    Hello fellow divers and photographers. I am a British professional photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I have been diving the last few years and dive a lot here in the Philippines and trying to take my topside photography and video skills underwater. I am currently shooting Sony A7S3 underwater in a Seafrogs housing, I am looking at getting a Nauticam rig with the WWL-1 to get the best optical quality I can, looking forward to sharing thoughts on this and my own experiences. I have some video work shot on the Sony A7S3 for both bonfire diving at night and reef stuff from Puerto Galera, all can be seen at my YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/garytyson Thanks!



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