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    Since you are diving warm waters, I can recommend the BCD I've been using since 2009. Oceanic Islander, with an integrated octopus. Only 6 pounds in the suitcase. I've been looking at wings, but I just don't feel any need to upgrade. I've got 200+ dives on my BCD, it's in good shape, and I'm very comfortable with it. I really do like the fact that it's pretty light as I have so much other gear to pack with it...
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    One vote for wing style BCD for fotographer. Some years ago I put together a backplate & wing system for travels containing a light weight aluminium backplate and Agir wing plus two tank straps. That has been easy to travel with. The only disadvantage is the need of weights but, as Tim explained his system the setup allows you to distribute weight optimal way by using weight pockets - or even put a weight to the tank band if needed. This setup has been extremely good for shooting macro: you don't have any extras in front of you so you can go low if you use angled viewfinder. For wide angle the advantage is not so obvious. However, I would not switch back to jacket style BCD. If you plan to travel with your setup you need a reliable but light regulator. For years I have used Apex Flight with no problems. When I bought it, it was the lightest on the market. Unfortunately, I think, it is now discontinued model. During the years I have had both Scubapro and Apex regs. Both are quality brands and have worked fine. The reason why I switched to Apex is the availability and quality of service in my area.
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    Hi Phil - Thank you for all the helpful information on the Sony/WWL-1B setup. I have read both your article in the current UWPmag issue as well as your comments here with gray interest. Like you, I have had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that an inexpensive consumer lens like the 28-60 zoom or the FE 28 f/2 with the WWL-1B could outperform lenses like the Canon 8-14 or Sony’s new 14mm rectilinear lens behind a high quality glass dome. But reading your article and the comments of other here, that seems to be the case. I shoot video and am transitioning from a GH5, to an A1/Nauticam system along with a Ninja V that will allow me to capture PROres RAW video. The good folks at Backscatter have recommended the WWL-1B. Are there any caveats that I should know about this setup, apart from it’s inherent unsuitability for over-unders? I have heard that the area between the front of the flat port and the rear of the wet lens needs to be “burped” at the beginning of a dive, as air bubbles get trapped in there. I assume this could be more of a problem if you’ve backrolled into the water with your camera as opposed to having your camera handed down to you. Do you find that there are any issues getting sand or debris trapped between the port and the wet lens? Thank you!



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