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    Hi guys, I am finally upgrading from my compact Sony Rx100IV to a Panasonic GH5 - the decision was purely driven by price vs quality as I found a second hand Nauticam housing in excellent condition. My shooting will primarily be focused on stills but I do like the occasional video depending on the trip and destination. So, I currently own the WWL-1 and the CMC-1. After reading lots of posts my understanding is that they work very well with the Pana 14-42 II. I guess this will 'get me going' with this camera until I am ready for true fish eye and macro lenses. Do I also need a zoom and focus ring for this lens with the wet lenses above? Fisheye It appears the Olympus 8mm to be better than the Panasonic (this is lighter and cheaper) - if I look at the second hand market the price isnt too bad as long as I find a second hand small dome for it. Macro I see recommendations for the Olympus 60mm everywhere which I can combine with the CMC-1 for super macro. Finally I am not sure what to get to trigger my Inon Z240 strobes, I have been looking at the Nauticam mini flash trigger and Turtle trigger. I dont use TTL only manual. Any recommendations for this? What is the top shutter speed I can get with these flash triggers? Cheers
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    If the lens is almost touching the dome you need an extension ring, you are lousing angle. The lens must be as far as posible of the dome without vigneting becasue of the chasis of the dome port.
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    Well, in my opinion everything depends of how large is morey eel, thís pic was taken in the red sea with a Canon 50D and the Tokina 10-17. Obviously the morey eel was huge gran morena This one was taken in the mediterranean, normal size, about 1 meter long, with a Canon 50D and the Canon 100 mm macro morena y gamba There is no a correct lens to shot a critter, everything depends of what you want to do.
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    GH5 MARK II has several interesting updates for me 1. Live composite photography 2. Electronic shutter now up to 60 seconds 3. New autofocus engine from S5 The above are most for photos 4. 4k60p 10 bits 420 like the S1H -> this is interesting for those who like slow motion 5. RTP streaming support Those up good for video Now in terms of being disappointed other than better low light performance what are people expecting? I do not need more pixels I need better pixels functionally the camera is still great and with the additions 1-3 except preburst that is useful it has all I need for my photos and video. The dimensions are the same and will fit in the body excellent!
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    Thanks @ChrisRoss Found this topic on the Panasonic flash, looks like it works perfectly.



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