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    I'm really not a macro guy, but the nudis are very nice! I like the last one!
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    Here two photos taken with EM1II/Canon 8-15mm/Metabones 1x under similar conditions, but behind the Nauticam 140 dome, a week before at the same location: 8 mm, f 6.3, 1/160s, ISO 200, 2* Inon Z330 8 mm, f 9.0, 1/250s, ISO 200, 2* Inon Z330 More testing in much clearer waters is required to come to a final conclusion about comparing IQ between the NA140 and the DP100. Until now I am excited about the minidome, IQ is very good as far as I can judge under the given conditions (3-4 m vis)... Wolfgang
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    If it is a dome that you're looking for, the smallest setup would be the Sigma 15mm lens, with Nauticam N100-120 adapter and a 140mm dome. I have it and it's very compact (you can find Metabones, Sigma MC-11 adapters and the Sigma 15mm used on ebays, i grabbed them there). That said the highest quality and very similar in terms of compactness (albeit a bit longer) is the Sony 28-60mm with the WWL-1 lens. It is extremely sharp and the rig is very well balanced with the float collar. I'd go for option 2 unless you specifically want a pure Fisheye lens. You can find Phil's reviews of these products at uwpmag.com (Phil, sorry for the free "ad"!) and they have been extensively discussed in this forum too (use search function) Alex



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