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    I just got back from a trip to Bonaire with the GH5M2. The battery life is extremely more improved. With the GH5 I could get 1.5 dives out of a Panasonic battery. The new GH5M2 battery gave me 2 100 minutes dives no problem. This is great for not having to pop open the housing as often. And, in Bonaire you don't want to keep extra batteries or anything in the truck for fear of theft. So, this is a great improvement. I did three dives on one battery. But on the third dive I did shut down the camera when not using it. I have the camera connected to a small HD monitor. Focusing is much faster and more accurate. Using back button focus was very quick and I seldom had to make multiple attempts. I shot all video so nothing to report on stills. Once I review the footage and put a video together, I'll be more informed about those aspects. Attached screengrab from the video.
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    I have literally just found it on a DE deals site and immediately thought of Wetpixel Basically seems one of German shops (Galaxus DE) runs a 51% off promo now for Loupedeck CT version - 284.22 Euro instead of 585.17 Euro. Sure the price without promo is a bit inflated but other shops seem to have it around 479 so still a deal. They might ship EU wide, they also have a Swiss version of their shop. If you need help reshipping from Germany do let me know (provided you are an established forum member..) Original deal link: https://www.mydealz.de/deals/loupedeck-ct-zum-bestpreis-1838928 Shop direct link: https://www.galaxus.de/de/s1/product/loupedeck-ct-diverse-digitalkamera-zubehoer-12248516



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