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    Honestly, I have one of the top end compacts (Sony RX100V... well it was when I bought it) and I've moved from a macro to a predominatly wide angle location (Great Barrier Reef!). It's 20mp, so not shabby, shoots in manual and the pictures blow up large. Look - it does the job, especially for holiday snaps where I've taken it on liveaboards in the Philippines etc, and instagram, however I'm finding that in large wide angle locations with fast pelagics, I'm limited by a couple of things. Reach, and then flash recycle time. Which has always been an issue, but much easier to wait 3.24 seconds with a nudibranch than a manta or tiger shark! However, I'm trying to get semi pro shots for tourism and brochures and the compact is hard work, most of the time I walk away with photos that I'm not happy with. I'm now moving to a full frame mirrorless, to be able to capture better quality pictures, faster, with more reach. However, gone for a smallish model so hopefully it is easy to transport around. I'll keep the Sony for shore diving at my new town as the entries are hazardous, so don't want a big/heavy rig for those. I also bought a TG6 but utterly hate it . I think it's because I've always shot in manual and the TG doesn't allow me to. Good luck!
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    The more I read/surf the web the more it looks like I'll be selling my LX10 in favor of the E-PL10.
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    Gotcha. Yeah, I know my lights are underpowered for WA, mainly because coming from the TG5, WA was more of an afterthought. For wrecks, it is my intent to use whatever ambient light is available. Most of WA work would be fish portraits (angels, groupers, lionfish, morays) and some larger subjects, sharks, whale sharks, mantas/eagle rays), not looking to do sunballs, split shots, or reefscapes (well, maybe if I see something really neat). One of the hiccups for me with WA is the bulkiness of lenses, this is why I'm looking at the Wwl-c/WWL-1B as the primary candidate(s). So far, I've really enjoyed macro work and if TG5 had full manual mode, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. I guess what II'm really trying to get at is what platform to build around the Lx10 or the E-pl1 coupled with the WWL-C/WWL-1B for the "long haul" without having hands-on experience underwater with either. Lx10 has been around for years, to the point where Nauticam discontinued their housing for it...keeping an eye on one second hand; plus compatibility of housings (ikelite/nauticam) with WA lenses and their performance is hit or miss. The AOI housing for the EPL seems well laid out and is compact, however, lack of TTL gives me pause, especially with how small (PIA) the knobs are on the S2000s. The lense availability for the EPL seems to be in a better place than for the Lx10, at least to my uneducated mind after some cursory Google-fu.
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    I didn't use a red filter for any of this. I did start off with red filter when using the 16-35 lens a few months ago (other videos from Puerta Galera on my YouTube with that filter), but actually I realised that with the new white balance range on the A7S3 its not necessary (in my view), all of this is shot just making manual white balance underwater with a slate, and using lights with blue filters thereafter if needing light and it seems to grade fine, saves me losing 2 stops of light by adding a red filter.
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    My brand new Tokina 10-17 mounted on a D800 set to A definitely overexposes. Photos taken in a semi-dark room look as if lit by sunlight. I plan to shoot with it using M, manual settings, as with my other lenses.
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    Man-o-man, that is one excellent video. I really enjoyed it and now I want to go there! Your work is outstanding...



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