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    In this video I explore various cinematic shot types for underwater videos and explain how they can potentially be used for great effect. What's your go-to shots?
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    Insanely lucky to share the water with a blue whale on this year's marlin run in Mexico! We were very far offshore searching for marlins and baitballs when we spotted a spray of water. Assuming it was a humpback (they often frequent the area), we were surprised with the below... Photos below attached, and more at www.instagram.com/PiersGreatPerhaps ☺️
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    Really interesting - love the typology of shots applied to the UW context. Thanks for working on this, it's really interesting (and rare!) to see someone going into the actual pratical grammar of underwater shooting. cheers!
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    Hi, Been using Fujifilm X-T3 with XF10-24 F4 for wide angle & XF80 for macro. Lights setup: dual INON-Z330. Attached a couple of pics.
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    It is beginning to sound as if the camera is not sending a preflash. Maybe borrow a different make of camera, say a Canon or Nikon, to see if it works. Also check the strobe batteries, make sure they are new and fully charged.
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    Well after a yet another lockdown down here in Melbourne, I finally managed to get out diving again, this time at Flinders Pier in search of the resident smooth ray and some weedy sea dragons (hint: not too hard to find there!) Again with the 16-45mm + WWL-C. I made a small tweak with my flash set up - last time I took out my camera in (for a night dive) the Nauticam hotshoe adapter managed to get slightly dislodged someone in transit from my home to the water. The adapter doesn't have any positive locking mechanism, so this time out I used the Fujifilm EF-X8 mini hot-shoe mount flash, set it to (M)anual and dialed the exposure as low as possible. This still triggers the strobes, but minimises battery drain. And it has a positive lock so no chance of being dislodged. The ray snuck up on me while I was fiddling with switching settings from video to still, so managed to snap one quick pic with whatever my camera settings were before flicking back for a couple of seconds of video.



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