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    Just wanted to share and discuss with other video shooters using A7SIII. Until this trip I have been shooting always in SLOG3, however for this last weekend I tweaked a HLG profile and shot exclusively with that. I found it fine to use, although colours can be a bit odd to my eye. Always keen to hear from and learn other Sony shooters settings for underwater video. Enjoying the process. All shot in 4K 4:2:2 10 bit, 60fps, PP10, HLG, with A7SIII, 28mm F2 inside WWL-1, using a combination of nitescuba NSV80 lights which I'm currently testing, and my existing Keldan lights.
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    Right, but it doesn't really extend the lens - there is no hidden teleconverter that swings into place when you push the button. All it does is crop out a 24x18mm region from the middle of your 36x24mm sensor, which raises the same question - why do it at the time of capture? Why not crop it afterwards, and get the 'equivalent' of a 200mm lens, or maybe a 105mm lens instead of a '135mm' crop, if the subject lets you in close enough? Or maybe there's some piece of scenery in the shot that you want to include and the desired crop ends up off-center? The only material benefit to this crop that I can think of is the faster flash sync speed on A1 when it's operating in APS-C crop mode.
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    I took some more photos to show my quadrapod and my water-wings. By using different length bolts it is possible to have camera sit more or less level on the bottom where there is a slope. The water-wings are to provide some positive buoyancy when using the rather negative Nauticam optical accessories but something like this (float arms in different positions and different holes ) could be used with a go-pro to have your camera float near the surface. This plate has already been used for a few different purposes (note extra holes and circular wear).



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