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    Don't ever judge image quality from the pictures posted on this forum. The Forum software does absolutely horrendous things to the images here and you can also only upload image files that are ridiculously tiny. Maybe, if it's important to you ask the OP to send you high res files separately.
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    Hello for some reason after over15 years on the site I need to introduce myself as they want to know me better. I'm a old timer who stared with film in 1983-was slow to switch to digital in 2009 Started with a cheap point and shoot then an plexiglass Ikelite in 84-became an Aquatic Dealer in 85 and sold and shot the Nikon F3s with motor drive until the early 2000s and then switched out to subal housings with Nikon F5s with motor drives-I loved this setup with velvia film. Sold calendar photos and wrote few pieces until digital put the bite on all photo sales.Shot a d300s for along time. Moved up a few years ago to subal custom housing and Nikon D800. most likely my last housing . Subal is going away slowly and I'm happy where I'm at these days . Lets see I'm a certified tank inspector and have two compressors at home-a few boats as well . I'm not diving as much as I used to as I get closer to 70 but still do a dry suit beach diving yearly in Puget sound for photos . Places I have been are shark cage diving 2005 Mexico, Caribbean in the 80s, Truk logon 3 trips 80's 90s ,Papua New Guinea to Bali 30 day boat trip -2005-hawaii -70's 80's. Costa rica 1986 Solomon's twice,Queen Charlottes Canada 90s-Pacific coast -Monterey -channel Islands-all of them 80-90s-Oregon Puget sound 30 years now. Northern California (my home) I am sure I have missed a few as well. Still like cold water almost as much as warm water-I also have done light commercial diving (water wells and salvage). Diving is a side thing as my main business for 50 years now is making and selling fictional pottery for the home. (liscomhillpottery.com) Thanks Mark Cortright
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    The Nikon Z50 is quite nice but you add a Nauticam case which is alone 1kg more and 2x the expense vs. OM10mkIV. Lenses are either super heavy or very little choice. No fisheyes. The smaller DX lens is a quality lens? Adding a wwl-c is heavy and expensive. Other lenses are super big and heavy. Frankly the system currently seems good for the surface not for underwater. Unfortunately if you are trying to drastically make the system more compact there are very few choices out there....The only practical gain to go mirrorless DX or FX UW is very marginal IQ improvement in FX ambient and using the better heavier lenses. I tried to improve on M43 a year ago but could not find an equivalent or better choice for UW use and easier traveling.
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    My feeling is that you are overcleaning and may well be causing problems. Having 3 of 4 strobes leak sounds like a user-induced failure. I've got the opposite approach. I rarely clean my o-rings, especially by removing them from the housing. I *may* do that once a year before a big dive trip, but I certainly don't do it in the field. My philosophy is that the more I handle the o-rings, the more likely I am to induce a hair or some contaminant underneath the o-ring. I look at them closely after a dive and before sealing up the housing again, and I usually run a finger around the o-ring to feel for issues. How has this 'technique' worked over the years? No leaks. I've got Canon point-n-shoot housings used for years without issues, though that sort of camera tended to be replaced every 2-3 years. My Sony RX100 has a Nauticam housing bought in 2015 and still going on the original o-rings. My Nikon D810 housing went four years without a problem, now replaced by a D850 housing. If you start clean, why pull an o-ring from the housing to clean underneath it after a dive or even a week? It's just a great way to get a hair in there. That said, I rarely deal with short diving and the sand it brings along. I also don't usually have to open my housing on a boat or outside my hotel room. I have enough battery in the camera for at least two dives, unless I'm doing a lot of video. That helps a lot with limiting exposure on my Nikons. With the Sony RX100 I had to open the housing after every dive and change a battery on the boat.



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