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    BTW, All shot in ambient light with red filter 10bit, 400 bps using standard profile. You can really push the footage.
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    Only IBIS equipped popcorn canister allowed
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    Hey guys. I'm new on wetpixel but I've been freediving for quite a while. I've always loved having a camera in my hands underwater. My brother recently passed away and I adopted his setup. I used to shoot with my 5dmkii and an Aquatica housing. I proudly run my brother's 1DXmkii now in an Aquatica housing with his name on the back. He had such a gift of sharing the underwater world with people. He saw the world through childlike fascination and it showed in his imagery. So proud of what he accomplished and I'm happy for what I learned from him. This video was shot in a grand total of about five freedives. The hammerhead footage was taken with my 5Dmkii. The sand tigers were shot a couple years later with my brother's rig after he passed here in North Carolina. John Through_Brother's_Eyes.mp4
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    Haven't posted much online recently – but I do have some video (mostly photos) up on Instagram: www.instagram.com/markus.thalassia re: blue moon – agreed, it was a slim hope that I could have an R5 / R5c setup similar to the Nikon Z6 / Z7. I shoot as much above water as I do below, and it would be so nice to have an R5 that's not vacuumed into a housing when wildlife shows up between dives... maybe this is the excuse I need when the R5ii shows up
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    Olympus 60mm.. pretty sharp (reminds me of the ef-s 60mm I had on my Canon rig). Hope to dive again soon to further test.
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    Nice start. Which lens are you using? My buddy, on GH5S, prefers working in V-Log while I prefer CineD (on the GH5).
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    I am currently shooting underwater with the R5 and shoot 8K RAW when I feel I might need more flexibility in post – particularly for white balance. But in most situations I also prefer shooting at 60 fps... and lose that option at 8K. It would be great to have the option to shoot 5K RAW at 60 fps (added bonus: smaller file size) – that's the only advantage the R5c has that I find interesting. Was also hoping the size difference was going to be small enough I might fit the R5c in an R5 housing – but that's clearly never going to happen.
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    I would add for those considering buying these strobes new that the current Z-330 type II has two upgrades. first the Fly-eye coating which only covers the flash tubes on the Z-330 now covers the entire dome on type II creating a much softer light over the entire coverage area and eliminates some of the need for defusers while retaining the full power output. Second the Z-330 shade is black and does not reflect light well while the type-II model has a reflective coating. The Dive Photo Guide article posted above demonstrates the usefulness in some macro situations and I would agree that if you are shooting wide lenses near a reflective bottom that much of the light can be diverted from blowing out highlights. The downside is that if you want to remove the shades as Adam suggested do it as soon as you get the strobes. They become more and more difficult to remove as you use them. For best results they should be removed after every dive day and cleaned or they will soon stick in place.
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    I got a 2nd camera and I'd say there's a subtle noise but not like the 1st camera. I still think the sensor is not fixed in place, like on the GH5 but no biggie (does not bother me too much). I did test it underwater last weekend(mostly macro); was a shore dive, so not a very productive day. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/668645196 Nice video above Thani!!
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    I used an Olympus M43 system that for several years and enjoyed it and got some really nice images with it, but sometimes felt frustrated by slightly slow focusing speed in poor light and a limited ability to crop without excessive image degradation. Although I could fit almost everything into a ThinkTank roller (I have always carried camera, lenses and a few other bits in a carry-on shoulder bag), I was encountering situations in which I could not count on getting the roller in the cabin, so I bought a Pelican case that could be safely checked if necessary. Once I came to terms with the idea of checking my gear, I began to feel that a larger system would not be much more trouble to transport especially after I added a WWL to the M43 stuff. I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of people. I was about to go with Nikon full frame but everything is larger for full frame, especially dome ports. With M43 and APS-C, I can use a 100mm or 140 dome and only occasionally take a 180 dome. That would be impossible with full frame. A 230mm dome is pretty much required for full frame WA. I am unwilling to deal with the logistics of traveling with that. I looked very seriously at the WACP, but a 4 kg lens has its own transport issues, and I am uncomfortable putting a heavy, multi-element, $5000 lens into luggage. I also added up the weight of the camera, housing, lens, strobes, arms and WACP and at something like 11 kg, realized carrying that thing to and from the boat each day would be unpleasant and having boat crews hand down the rig and take it from me at the end of the dive would make me rather unpopular with the crew. So I went with a D500. For me, APS-C is the sweet spot. The format seems to be dying out, but I hope my D500 bodies will last a long time, and hopefully someone will continue to offer crop sensor cameras. I kept most of my M43 stuff, thinking I would use it sometimes when I needed a smaller kit for travel, but it just sits, and I think it is time to sell it off.



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