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    I love my Nauticam housing but hate how the white paint on the engraved labels on the housing fade out over time. How can one replace the lettering? I know that they can do it when you send the housing in for service but what is best way to do this between times? Thanks!
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    But not compared to the GH5M2 ---> 7 stops!!! If there is a benefit is 0.5 Ev
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    Thank you very much Davide. I'm sorry I missed your topic. I try to avoid all forums and other online discussions as much as I can, till I need some information. Better for my mental health. ;-) I agree, that way I miss out on things from time to time. When I see a chance to test this with the mark 2, I'll let you know.
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    I love you guys but you really have a big problem with filmmaking. For the GH6 you failed to say one thing that makes sens for a videomaker. basically here underwater image-maker == underwater photographer I do not expect you to become video experts but at least have a teammate who can help you with these issues. With due distinction, take for example how DPReview has changed.
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    Yes, and this is a step up for me, as well as the autofocus. This is slightly better. I still have to try it in the water. I guess there won't be much of a difference in image quality, than 4K 60p 10 bit in camera instead of on my atomos. The FL70 not working on the other hand is a real bummer. I guess it is not only software, as this flash needs power. The only flashes mentioned in the manual do not. So maybe it is a hardware issue.
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    As my GH5 broke, I had to buy a GH5 M2. Beware, the DMW-FL70 does not work with this camera. It baffles me why Panasonic decided this would be a good idea, but it just doesn't I had to by the Nauticam trigger.
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    I think some misunderstanding has been created regarding sync speed with electronic shutter because the Nikon Z9 website and others show sync speeds of 1/200th to a 1/250th max. So an assumption has been made that the Z9 will sync at 1/250th and it can but only in APS-C mode. The same is true with the Sony A1 with electronic shutter in full frame the camera will sync at 1/200th and in APS-C mode (21MP) the camera will sync at 1/250th. It appears that when covering a smaller area you can increase shutter speed. In mechanical shutter the Sony A1 will sync in full frame up to 1/400th sec. and in APS-C mode it will sync at 1/500th sec. This is not some special setting it works just like any camera that syncs to 1/250th just higher so 1/320, 1/400th and 1/500th in APS-C. If you set the shutter speed to 1/500th and use a single housing control to toggle between FF and APS-C as I do the sync will default back to 1/400th if you shift back to FF and forget to reset shutter speed to 1/400th. The 1/400 and 1/500th speeds also work with both TTL flash triggers like Turtle and UWTechnics as well as manual flash triggers like the Nauticam, Marelux and other triggers when the flash settings is correct. It appears that in full frame the Canon EOS R3 will sync at 1/250th mechanical and 1/180th in electronic. The conclusion is that while the stacked sensors in Z9, EOS R3, OM-1 and Sony A1 all move information much faster this does not always result in higher mechinacal shutter speeds. Prior to the stacked sensor shutter speeds in electronic shutter were more in the 1/30th sec. area. It will be interesting to see if the OM-1 stacked sensor with be able to squeeze more information out of 20MP and/or increase auto focus speeds.
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    Hello everyone I'm from China and it's a pleasure to join this community, I just started experimenting with SONY A7SIII and NAUTCAM's house, using underwater videos and photos I took, hoping to share and learn. My first time with A7SIII and photos. Shot with NAUTICAM WACP1 https://youtu.be/gqcDJD0QF-o 4K绿窟潭2.mov
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    There was an interesting survey on dpreview about photos and videos. Surprisingly although people like to take videos with their phones there were many people complaining about the fact the cameras are getting expensive because of video features (!) The reality is that photos are much easier (I know am going to get a beating here) the process of taking a photo, editing and posting can be made very efficient Video is a beast you need still pretty strong hardware but more than anything else you need to tell some story if this is not just for your personal consumption. On the field video is harder because you shoot while moving, you need to manage exposure in thousands of frames not one. So ultimately many people do not undertake the journey at all. Years ago I forecasted that with faster connections video would have become more popular but in reality this has only benefitted Instagram and their 1080x608 videos and vlogging of people doing some form of affiliate business We also need to account that many of the photographers members of a camera club or going for underwater trips are over 60s and they do not understand video at all This does not excuse that wet pixel should make more of an effort on this in my opinion even if this mean talking about gopro



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