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    I was able to have a 1 hour hands on session with Lumix yesterday and try some of the GH6 features. Key points I have noted in my blog here https://interceptor121.com/2022/03/02/panasonic-gh6-my-preliminary-key-observations-for-underwater-use/ If anyone has any questions please let me know, I will get the camera in a few weeks but I have access to is through lumix in the mean time
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    Latest video, Shipwrecks in Coron, Palawan, Philiipines. All video shot on Sony A7SIII, 10bit 4:2:2 Prores direct to Atomos Ninja V all in Nauticam housings. Im using the Sony 28mm F2 lens inside a WWL-1 which I bought here from @Phil Rudin. Thanks again! If like the footage, please subscribe, im trying to build up my channel and its all 4K underwater shots, hopefully something there for fellow divers to enjoy! Thank you! I'm also running dive trips around the Philippines regularly, I'm a British expat, ex military, based here the last 5 years. Now that the Philippines is open, if you would like to explore and have a professional photographer on hand to assist with anything photography or video related, give me a shout! I look forward to diving with you sometime!
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    I've been working on this for video and hoping to get some more input that may further help. I can get a good white balance for the ambient scene when the visibility is good and I'm not too deep, but obviously that means anything that swims into the onboard lighting looks very red. I got some keldan blue filters (which fit my Kraken 10K lumen torches like a glove btw) and they work really well, so now I can lighten those underbelly shadows as bigger fish come close to the lens and it still looks natural. This is the only time I'll use a red filter AND the lights. Do you do it differently? What about at greater depths?
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    Shot and edited this from a trip with Jim on the Shear Water in January
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    Wow! Being on the other coast, I am unaware of the dynamics in Florida. Who could be in favor of such a reckless proposal, and why? I've sent my letter - thanks a lot for the template!
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    The D500 remains the best stills DX camera, dslr or mirrorless. Mirrorless has af advantages in video, and newer cameras have better video specs. But for stills, you have the advantage that the D500 costs are down. Buy two and keep one for a spare! If you were going to have a D500 at all, now seems a perfect time to buy one. I shoot a D850, which has a few advantages and several disadvantages, to a D500 but with similar AF and DX performance. If not cropping, I can have a tremendous amount of pixels on subject, with an amazing dynamic range. I used to shoot a D810 and before that a Sony RX100 II. If you are doing autofocus, you want a camera like a D500 or D850 - my D850 was significantly better (faster, accurate) than my D810. If focusing manually, not so much. But it was noticeably easier to shoot some subjects that required near-instant focus. For supermacro specifically, I'm not sure there is an advantage of a D500 over a D850 (or Z7) beyond cost. I'm figuring you do more manual focus at the supermacro level.
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    I'm very late to the wetpixel party! Great to be amongst fellow water lovers. A lot of talent in this community! Glad to be a part of it. This is my latest demo reel. I work with various networks and own a few different nauticam rigs for different cameras. My current favorite is the Sony FX3. What's your rig of choice? H2O_full_comp.mp4
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    Thank you!! Most of what was shot in this reel was with a Panasonic Lumix GH5 with Olympus 7-14mm. There a few shots from the Blackmagic 6K with 11-24mm canon lens.
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    I know but the camera can output 8k actually Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk



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