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    @caolino I think it depends on what else you photograph. I upgraded from the RX100VA in a fantasea housing to the EPL10 in the AOI housing. I chose the EPL10 because I like the idea of focusing on one type of photograph per day of diving, I can se up my 8mm fisheye and 4" dome port so I can focus on CFWA images all day long and then tomorrow I can set up my 60mm macro and port to focus on macro for the day. I can also toss the 14-42 kit lens or any other lens in to my bag for documenting my outing while on surface intervals. The biggest thing I noticed was battery performance when upgrading to the EPL10. The battery will last me a full 3 dive day as well as some topside images (selfies with friends, Dolphins playing in the bow wake, birds hangout near us). When I was using the RX100Va I had to use a new battery for each dive and then a the battery for topside fun, I had a plastic case labels for each dive so I didn't mix them up. The RX100 needs to use the built in flash (which drains battery quickly) to trigger external strobes, the EPL10 can use the flash trigger which uses a different battery. Honestly the size of the EPL10 with the 14-42 kit lens is about he same size as the RX100Va when both are in their housings. I am able to take the EPL10 with the 14-42 in my BCD pocket when I am working as an assistant DM (or as a DM is the instructor approves me to bring the camera). This allows me to photograph students first dives after certification with minimum bulk, I leave the tray and lights at home but just bring camera in housing.
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    Hello I am a user of the sony a7c Camera Nauticam housing. My wide-angle lens setting is Sigma AF 15mm F2.8 EX DG Fisheye lens with an MC-11 adapter. This setting is an alternative to so few Sony e-mount wide-angle lenses. Various tests were conducted to use the system charts that the Nauticam does not have, and I am currently using the SEA&SEA NX Dome for weight optimization.
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    In regard to the original question of Sony FE 14mm F/1.4 v. FE 26-60 plus WWL-1/1B the 28-60 would be the winner with WWL-1 and even better with WACP-1. The FE 14mm can also be used with WACP-2 which would provide the ultimate in image quality for underwater and for splits. Like most things photographic the final selection will factor-in cost, weight, system size and more. Like Waterpixel has noted and disregarding FF fisheyes I have used the 230mm dome port with a verity of FF lenses including several 24mm's, 20mm's, Batis 18 and Rokinon 18, FE 12-24 F/4 & F/2.8, FE 16-35 F/4 & F/2.8, Tamron 17-28mm F/2.8 with Sea & Sea correction filter, Rokinon 14mm F/2.8 and a few more. Of the fixed lenses I like the FE 14mm F/1.8 the best and of the zooms I like the Tamron 17-28 F/2.8. I have also used the Sony FE 28-60, with WWL-1 and 1B, WACP-1 and several closeup lenses. I have also tested these lenses on cameras from A7C 24MP to A7R IV 61MP, I have also tested the A7R IV in APS-C mode, 26MP and A1 APS-C 21MP. The switch to APS-C is a single button push and extends the focal length of the lens by 1.5X's, so longer than the 16-35 at the 35mm end but with less resolution. Like many on this site I use my equipment above water as well as underwater so the 14mm F/1.4 was an investment I made with above water use in mind. The 28-60 is a lens that would never be my first, second or third choice above water. Also since I can't afford the WAPC-2 the 14mm is now my go to lens for splits with the 230mm dome port. I also would not spend the $2000.00 plus for the Sony FE 16-35mm F/2.8 because it is not a lens I would have a lot of use for above water. The Tamron 17-28mm F/2.8 is far better than the Sony FE 16-35mm F/4 and has the advantage of a 67mm filter thread size also used on the 28-75 and 70-180 zooms as well as several fixed tamron lenses. I find the WWL-1B which I own very easy to travel with along with the 90mm macro. I own fisheye lenses including the Sony A 16mm F/2.8, Canon 8-16mm and have tested others but use them sparingly for my personal work. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you continue to follow uwpmag.com.



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