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    Yeah, sadly I just can't afford to carry spares of everything. Anyway as you say, a good chance to try different techniques. Also, in trying to be positive I realised the truth... better to be diving in the maldives with no strobes than not to be diving in the maldives at all!
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    I fully agree with Adam. I'm not familiar with the specs of your Nikon cameras but you can't beat the quality in both low light and just in general from a larger sensor camera. Also I wouldn't worry terribly about lens setups or adding video lights at first. Shooting with a good manual white balance will do you just fine. You wouldn't step out of your Porche to drive your Lada haha
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    Dears I bought a ys-d1 strobe from Austria " used " , I went to the water the first dive of the day and everything went perfect , without changing the batteries I go for the second dive of and suddenly the strobe started to fire on his own continuously very fast , so I plugged it off , and when I went out from the water, I checked the battery compartment and it s dry , not even single drop , but I noticed that there is some humidity inside the upper part of the strobe , and the target light is turned ON continuously, and the red led is not ON at all , I get in contact again with the previous owner and he assured that he didn't face any issue before , and when I contacted sea&sea they said that either there is small cracks OR water leaking from the battery compartment " which is very strange for me because the battery compartment is sealed from the electronic part." SO i opened the strobe and I found inside the electronic part a humidity sac and for sure there r marks of fire explosion inside . I attached some pics where u will see the burned part of the humidity sac My question is Do Sea&sea use humidity Sac inside their products ? Any solution ? Thank you Cheers
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    Rolleimarin IV Underwater Housing for use with a Rolleiflex 3.5f Camera (not included). I don't think this housing was used - has some storage marks that you can see in photo. Comes with a complete set of gaskets (these are custom-made laser-cut, high-quality) and the original green canvas carry bag (has name of previous owner). Also includes the camera mounting pieces for focusing, aperture, speed, and filters. $1,250 plus shipping CONUS
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    3k is a tough budget to work with for a camera that can do both macro and wide angle video well. I'm almost tempted to suggest two systems -- an Olympus TG-6 for macro video with your lights and a GoPro Hero 10 + red filter for wide angle. If you really want something that can do it all, m4/3s is where I'd look. 3k is too little though for a used GH5 rig though, which would be my top recommendation (and what I've been shooting with since 2017). Perhaps the Olympus E-PL10 system with 14-42mm lens and the Backscatter wet mate lens package would be a big bang for the buck. Backscatter is pushing the system hard, but I can't say much about Olympus' wide angle MWB, having never shot with one. $3,042.99 for the package including camera, housing, lens, ports and wet lenses. https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-Olympus-PEN-E-PL9-E-PL10-Underwater-Housing-UH-EPL10 Scroll down to the bottom of that page for their review of the system. Video specs are at 13:50. Backscatter reports that MWB is easy to execute and produces great results down to 40-45 feet, which is really where you'll be shooting the best wide angle video in Raja Ampat anyway. Might be the best bang for the buck in your price range. BTW, for wide angle, I'd suggest shooting with natural light down to 10 meters, where you can still get great results if you keep the sun behind you and manually white balance. Below 10 meters, you need video lights for best results. Best bang for the buck in my view is the DivePro G18 plus lights. They're Chinese, but can be purchased for ~$600 each if bought in bulk directly from the manufacturer. So you might add two of those to your budget.
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    Ever wonder what your luggage experiences at the airport? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJV-JiTWWXI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP1fxYWaO_E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MZqiE3yGlQ&t=11s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MBWZWyvMng



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