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    I've not had a chance to take my Sony A1 underwater yet, off to Guadaloupe in a couple of months so that will be the first chance I get - but I can say without a shadow of doubt that the AF when used for difficult topside subjects like birds in flight absolutely blows away traditional DSLRs, and that includes owning 1dx, D5, D500, along with the fast prime telephotos, as well as using a loaned D850. I also had an R5 for a while and that was in between the D5 and the A1 for accuracy. Canon DSLRs rally struggled with incoming subjects, even with easy flight shots like landing gannets I could never figure out why I would consistently keep the AF point on the face but have sharp feet instead. After speaking to top names in the field it was a common fault where the AF simply could not keep up. Things improved with Nikon but once you get the Sony A1 set up properly there simply is no comparison in hit rate topside. I'm not sure yet how useful the eye detect AF will be underwater due to the markings on lots of macro subjects. I anticipate it will work well with bigger subjects such as sharks, but for me, a big bonus will be the in viewfinder review, meaning I don't need to review macro stuff on the rear of the camera, meaning less movement, less risk of disturbing sandy floors, and not have to re-acquire tiny macro subjects. On the downside, it is yet to be seen how the EVF will fare for wide angle underwater. Early mirrorless may not offer too much against a good standard DSLR, but the latest incarnations are certainly superior, both in IQ and especially AF. Thats using real world experience, not reading spec sheets. You just need to look at what the top level birds in flight shooters are now using, and its mostly the Sony A1, followed by the R5 with the Z9 now creeping into the bags of those who wanted to remain with Nikon. DSLRs are pretty much out of that game now. If Adam you think that the likes of the A1 cannot compete with a D850 topside then I really believe you need to revisit how it is set up. The main question over the AF though underwater is do we need the latest and greatest, as in general the subjects are slower moving than we get topside? It remains to be seen if I made the right choice, but I wanted one system for above and below water - only time will tell Mike
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    Looks great, but I'm getting cold looking at it Would be a lot of fun to try that out one day. Jon B
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    Where were you in Greenland? My wife and I work on the Northwestern coast at Pituffik. Amazing the contrast from above water to in water. I saw the location at the end of the second video...should have watched both before asking!!
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    I think, that it depends on the system that one is currently using: #1.: Nikon: AF in mirrorless is behind competition and by far not as good as with the comparable DSLRs. IQ of mirrorless is, at the best, comparable. In addition, not all lenses (and some important UW-lenses as. e.g. Tokina), can be used via adapter on mirrorless bodies. => Indeed no reason to switch, at present, to mirrorless, better stay with DSLR and wait for new and better mirrorless bodies and lenses to come... #2.: Canon: AF in recent bodies (e.g. R5) reportedly better than DSLR. Even adapted EF lenses are reported to have better and faster AF on R5 compared to DSLR. IQ in mirrorless better than DSLR. Palette of new RF mount lenses already huge (including RF macro 100mm with 1.4x magnification and adjustable bokeeh) and rapidly increasing. New APS-C mirrorless bodies with RF mount just came out. => Grade up to mirrorless and have better AF, IQ, use all old EF-lenses and acquire exciting new RF-lenses... #3.: Sony (same FF&APS-C mount), Olympus (MFT), Panasonic (FF, but separate MFT mount), Fuji (APS-C) etc...: upgrade to mirrorless is not the question, they are all mirrorless and no DSLR counterparts exist. IQ at least as good as in the best DSLRs. Palette of lenses, useful for UW, can be huge or limited, depending on brand. Mixed reports on AF, some say the new stacked sensors (Sony A1) outperform DSLRs, while others claim DSLR is still the golden standard and not yet reached by mirrorless. A meticulous comparison of AF for UW-macro (it seems that AF problems show up exclusively with macro) still has to be performed... => In case someone does not have yet a system and is beginning to acquire a new setup from scratch, I would not advise to go with DSLR, a system where no new bodies or lenses are expected to come (buying second hand is o.k.. preferentially Canon because of lens compatibity with later mirrorless)... Wolfgang



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