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    This sounds a lot like the discussions comparing digital to film some 22 years ago. I wonder how that turned out.
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    Hi Owen, Having the same concerns. I did talk with Nauticam and they said “Yes, you can absolutely use the hard cap for protection while in water.” So I will definitely be taking a drill and adding a clip to my hard cap. It’ll give me options. But as for the neoprene cover. I have bought the WWL-1B neoprene cover (https://www.nauticam.com/products/neoprene-cover-for-wwl-1b) and sewn on a bungee cord to the top velcro clasp. This allows me to undo and loosen the top clasp while keeping the cover securely on the lens. Having loosened it, i can now pull the neoprene cover under the lens and out of the way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Chris, no worries. Did my own solution. I sewed on a bungee cord to the top velcro clasp. This means I can undo and loosen the top clasp and pull the cover under and out of the way while keeping it still attached to the lens. Top Clasp undone Cover pulled under and out of the way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Excellent video. The large female whale shark had a concave abdomen, I wonder is she just expelled pups.
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    I have used the Nikon D800 for about 7 years and still own it. And I've been using the first generation mirrorless of z6 for about two years now.The lens experience is F mount for Sigma 15MM, Nikon 8-15, and 105MM.Both models are rated as having poor AF... However, it is not a big problem at a wide angle. Macro photography requires patience in both models.I don't have experience with cameras like D500 or A1 or Z9, but I think AF will be more comfortable and easy to shoot.Mirrorless has seen a lot of talk about the difficulty of photographing the sun. My experience is that EVF is harder to see the sun than OVF, but mirrorless doesn't mean it can't be filmed. Once I got used to exposure setting, I felt that there was no significant difference between mirrorless and DSLR.In fact, I replaced the mirrorless at DSLR, but nothing much has changed about filming. It doesn't feel like an upgrade or downgray.The convenience of just the latest model has improved. (Charge C-TYPE, Fast file movement due to fast memory usage)I think creativity and shooting skills are more important than equipment. I can feel this way because i am amateur. Its a subjective opinion.
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    I have been using one of these dome covers for a month or so on my WWL-1B. I have a focus light mounted on the hotshoe mount on the top of the lens which gets in the way of the velcro straps somewhat. Also, the velcro straps are a bit short and could use another 1-1.5" added to them.
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    It worked great. The rear has 4 parts that stay together with velcro. Once in the water I tucked the cover inside my wetsuit as I don't have a pocket. Putting it back on was a challenge at first until I learned not to unfasten the top part and just stretch it over the lens like a regular cover, the fasten the lower part. May be difficult with gloves.
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    I spoke with Reef Photo. They pointed this out. Has anyone tried it on a mounted WWL-1B in the water? https://www.nauticam.com/products/neoprene-cover-for-wwl-1b
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    Hi Owen, We all want to protect our expensive glass while in the water. When the WWL-1 was developed the buoyancy collar was not part of the original design that was added later so the 140mm neoprene dome cover worked well. Nauticam's WACP was the first wet optic offered with the hard cap and that was later offered for WWL-1 when the type "B" was introduced. This does not seem like rocket science to me at least not if you are using a port with a zoom/focus wheel like the one for the Sony 28-60mm zoom. The photos show a 180mm neoprene port cover looped over the zoom wheel on one end and a velcro closer on the other end. I am sure some of you do-it-yourself guys can make this work.



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