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    Some observations: 1) I’ve used the A7c and A7iii. Continuous focusing/tracking is much better with the A7c. The A7c AF may compare to the older A7riv, but it’s quite a bit stickier and less prone to jumping off a subject compared to the A7iii. The higher end bodies, which I’ve not used, should be even better I expect. 2) The Sony 90 macro isn’t the fastest at autofocusing. But it is sharp and perfectly serviceable if you can get it to awaken from slumber. A contrasty subject and a staying within a set range is helpful. (I wish for a slower (f4-5.6), macro with 1.5x magnification and AF. What say you #Sony? Canon’s RF 100 f2.8 does 1.4x.) 3) My Nauticam flash trigger allows me to cheat the 1/160th flash sync, which I typically use at 1/200th. I try to get around the sync speed by dialing down ISO. — Craig Fujii (Waipahu, HI)



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