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    i totally agree with you: GH6 Nauticam housing is a total nonsense. It should have been a cinema camera housing since GH5. I really don't understand who decide and design new products. One image says all on housing manufacturers design. Who is the filmmaker who use a monitor underwater in this way? And this is how they thought about their product. A Babel Tower! The harsh reality is that we are victims of photographers and WP is proof of that.
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    That is a definite mistake for the GH6 from Nauticam The camera has the best codecs to record on card and instead no battery pack and the usual M24 big cable that makes the set up much less sturdy I really do not understand the logic of doing a housing for a camera that is totally video orientated that is really for stills and for that reason I will not be investing in it despite I have the camera If a manufacturer wants to have a chat with me on how to design a proper video orientated housing for the GH6 they can give me a call I started discussions with aquatica but they too went out and made exactly the same mistake of nauticam It is very disappointing the lack of understanding of housing manufacturers and this seems entirely to depend on who they talk to when they design a solution So there is a battery pack for the R5C that has mediocre codecs on card but can record prores raw and then does not need the battery instead for the GH6 that has a relatively small battery pack and great codecs on card nothing I wrote all of those things early march https://interceptor121.com/2022/03/02/panasonic-gh6-my-preliminary-key-observations-for-underwater-use/



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