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    After very careful consideration I abandoned the idea of a WACP-1, primarily due to air travel considerations. I often travel on airlines where that bag would stand little chance of getting past the carry-on guards. Looking at your photo, that appears to be a Thinktank or similar bag. Knowing those are not really intended to be checked luggage, do you have a contingency plan if they won't let you take it in the cabin? Just curious...dealing with airline luggage restrictions is one of my constant sources of aggravation in life and I am always looking for ideas. My basement looks like a luggage store.
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    I got a WACP-1 and will be testing it in the water next week. The size is definitely daunting. Makes me wish I had waited a few more weeks for the WACP-C to ship. But alas, I have a trip now.. Maybe I'll pick up the WACP-C later as well. On the bright side, I did still manage to squeeze the Canon R5-C housing, WACP-1, two Retra strobes, and even a 45 degree viewfinder in a rolling carry-on. Minimal viable kit for shooting. The carryon weighs... wait for it... 23 kg.
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    Do you mean you have 2 Keldan Luna 4x (10k lumen) light? Or 4 Keldan lights? If you do indeed only have 2 10k lumen lights, then yes, once you add the filters which cut about 1 2/3 stop of light, you're basically working with 3000 lumen lights. That's much too weak to make any difference for wide angle video. Given how little influence the video lights have, it doesn't matter whether you do CWB with the lights on or off.. practically, 90+% of your illumination is coming from the ambient light, not your video lights. Switching the Luna 4x for Luna 8X will help a little bit, but you still only have 30k lumens to start with, before accounting for the light loss from the filters. And unfortunately the Keldan lights have a 110 degree beam angle, which further reduces the illuminance that actually falls on your subject. In my experience, you need about 60k lumens of video lights (think, 4 Keldan 8x's) before you start adding the blue filters if you want the lights to actually make a difference.
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    More good news on the topic. With the help of @Moodog we managed to compare the distance from the Nikon camera flange to the top of the Nauticam housing on: Nikon Z6 and my Nikon Z6 II with the new slider modification from above. Though our measurements are not that scientific - the difference is only 0.5mm (e.g. 0.8% difference) between the 2 setups and it could be purely because of they way we measured on each end and/or measurement tools we used. Which tells me that the new adaptor should work great.
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    It has macro standard wide and super wide. Some of the lenses are massive and of course due to crop factor it needs 230mm dome Fisheye zoom needs to be adapted At present the fuji system is the best mirrorless APSC camera out there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk



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