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    I’ve used the 28-60 + wwl-1b on my A1 extensively over the last 9 months and they’re a fantastic combo. Autofocus is quick and reliable and the images are tack sharp. What I love the most about this setup is it’s flexibility. ~80% of my shots are taken at 28mm with the WWL-1 on, but when I need a bit of zoom to reframe smaller subjects I can zoom through to 60mm behind the WWL-1 (15% of shots) or even take the WWL-1 off for fish portraits (5% of shots). If I have strict baggage allowances on a trip this is the one lens combo I’ll take. If I’ve got more wiggle room in my luggage I’ll also throw in a Sony 90mm macro lens and a Canon 8-15mm fisheye. If I’ve got both, I pick and choose between the 28-60 and the fisheye based on the subject matter, whether I want to do split shots, etc., but they both take beautiful images. I’ve pulled together some sample images from the last 9 months here if you’re interested: https://www.shanesmith.photos/Recent-Adventures/Underwater-2022/Sony-28-60mm-Sample-Gallery
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    This was a fabulous camera to start with - also for portability. You just can't beat full frame though so starting shooting with a7iii next week. Here are some of my memories - my lady with my baby (Great Barrier) Coral in Grenada, Fish in Tufi PNG, fish and whale shark in St Helena (cannot recommend st Helena enough - it is spectacular - happy to answer any questions about it. Thanks!
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    If you have a Batteries+Bulbs in your area, they will spot weld the battery tabs for a very reasonable cost (and sell you the batteries also)
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    Hi, I'm Tudor, I'm from New Zealand. I only free dive. My first kit was a Sony rx100iii. I used it all over pacific/Indian Ocean/Atlantic. I've now got a A7iii with Isotta housing. It is a big step up in quality/complexity - so interested in reading people's experiences/settings in various situations. Thanks!
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    I use detergent and water to clean the inside of my domes using my fingers. Pour out the water carefully and mop up any residual beads with a tissue. Allow to dry.



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