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    I travel with all my gear including a 230mm glass dome and video lights in a Pelican Air 1615 case in checked luggage. I have a Thinktank airport backpack for camera body, lenses and batteries. I had no problem keeping the Pelican case under 50lbs.
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    What you wrote: "For me action tracking means fast moving subjects and to do better than the D850 it needs to support 10fps" The A7RV was a different comment, mine was regarding the fact that you assumed he was talking about shooting video, you didn't actually ask for the clarification. There are a number of folks who shoot with c-af on a DSLR, including @adamhanlon who wrote (3/22): "I think that shooting the D850 (or D500/D5) in single servo mode is like driving a Ferrari at 30mph... For the majority of my shooting, I use Continuous AF with 3D focus tracking" w/regards to shooting macro. I've also found it particularly useful for some blackwater sitatuations...
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    For those who are actually interested in this, here is a quick/easy focus peaking accuracy test with the A7R II and a wide angle lens. Focus peaking was set to low. I did it with live view setting effect both on and off, but the results were identical, so there’s no point in posting more than one set of images. The results were also the same using the EVF instead of the LCD. This is the full scene, and focus peaking says the test chart is in focus: This is a 100% view of the test chart, which is clearly out of focus: This is a 100% view of the test chart when properly focused: Clearly not everything that focus peaking lights up as in focus is actually in focus, so for me it is not accurate enough to be relied upon.
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    I opened a ticket with Sony and suggested a way to trigger tracking from the controls They told me that this has been passed to their voice of customer team and will be considered in a future software upgrade Now when this is happening is unclear to me In order for tracking to work you need to have the camera out of manual focus and set to S-AF or C-AF on the lever
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    Amazing video and the music was killer too!!! I'm headed there in 10. days and can't wait! Mostly fishing and snorkeling from Isabel island.
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    Nice video, thanks for sharing. Hope to get there one day.
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    Wow what an incredible place!! I have to see this one day!!



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