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    Today we launch Underwater Italy, a new video channel dedicated to deep diving in the Mediterranean sea. The YouTube channel is a container through which me and my buddy Claudio Valerio narrate about our dives in the twilight zone, a depth interval, where coral forests, sponge gardens and millennia-old animals form ecosystems that have not yet been directly altered by humans. This is the so-called mesophotic zone, the bathymetric range between fifty and one hundred and twenty meters, which in recent years is proving to be crucial in investigating the impact of climate and anthropogenic changes on our seas. With our footage we want to unveil the secrets of little-known seabeds where scientific research and exploration confront the beauty of nature. Seabeds that are actually very close to the most common dive sites where hundreds of divers dive every weekend. And it is precisely in these spots, served daily by diving centers, that technical diving has redrawn and in some cases overturned the map of possible dives. It has given us the ability to combine two or more dive spots in a single trip or find new ones. This information quickly became the heritage of local diving communities, but transmitted mostly in oral form it is inevitably destined for word of mouth distortion if not oblivion. Hence an additional reason for preserving the memory of these environments and perhaps setting a baseline for future observations. Out there, a few hundred meters from the diving moorings, close to walls, shoals and wrecks is an unknown world waiting to be (re)discovered. In the coming weeks we will publish the first video. for now a small trailer only music and images. If you like it, please subscribe
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    This trip was my fiancee and my first real attempt to put together a trip video. With two of us, we were able to split wide and macro duties during the dives. Primary equipment used includes: Wide Panasonic GH5 II Panasonic 14-42mm II MEGA O.I.S. Nauticam WWL-1 Keldan 2-stop spectrum filter for WWL-1 (should have used it all the time, but initially only used it in brighter conditions) Divepro G18+ with ambient filters Macro Olympus TG-6 Kraken Weefine 3000 lumen ring light We know there’s room for us to improve and we’d appreciate any feedback. We’ve already learned so much from the users of this forum. This is the first of several videos we will put together for the trip, so if you’d like to see more please consider subscribing on Youtube. Thanks for looking!
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    Hello from NE Ohio. My name is Tom Szabo a Mechanical Engineer and Manufacturing Operations Executive. I was certified in 1991. I was only 2 then, yeah right! Photography has always bee a passion for me. So after certification, you guessed it underwater photography. I became a PADI Instructor in 1999. Worked at a local dive shop for 7+ years. I now have a couple small businesses: photography studio, Oceans Sands Jewelry featuring prehistoric megalodon and shark teeth, Elegant Wood Products and Home Town Notecards. My underwater photography has been published in PADI Sport Diver Magazine and Northeast Dive News. Diving experience has taken me to the Atlantic/Caribbean, Great Lakes (brrrr), Florida, Pacific and of course local quarries. I also served on the Board for the Maritime Archeological Survey Team (MAST).
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    I shot the straight thru viewfinder for over 35 years in every Aqutitica and Subal I owned and until I used and got used to the 45 for bottom dewelling subjects I did not know what I was missing. With the 45 you can put housing on bottom and really move in close for macro work. The Nauticams also have a adjustment for better optics than many other viewfinders At night dives I still prefer the 180 gun site as it a bit mor intuitive to find subjects till for me. Unless it all bottom critters I'm shooting at night. If shooting faster moving subjects like fish the gunsite is easier to fast track. Say open water subjects as well .Yes I'm shooting a Nikon d850 now. Not a mirrorless.. Its my 40th year shooting housings underwater and yes you need to get used to whatever finder you have 1st before using another style finder, or for that matter any piece of underwater gear.
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    Hi, my name is Kyle and I am a cinematographer, tech diver, and ocean advocate. My passion is visual storytelling, and I’ve been lucky enough to spend many hours underwater camera in hand, I’ve worked for companies like discovery channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Sealegacy, and I own my own production company based out of Oregon. I’ve been on wet pixel for some time, and I appreciate the like-minded group of individuals. I find on these forms. Reach out if you have any questions, hope everyone is well.
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    Please feel free to critique my latest two videos from back to back trips to the Maldives in February 2023. Maldives, Feb 2023, Week 1 Maldives, Feb 2023, Week 2



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