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    Greetings from Lockdown in London. I'm pretty sure I joined this community way back but have never had the time, until now, to actually participate in any discussions. That thing called work, you know, keeps getting in the way Well my name is Joss Woolf and I have been taking pictures since 2004. I joined the British Society of Underwater Photographers (of whose members' work I was utterly in awe) in the days when we were still shooting with film, and now I take quite an active part in its operation. I help to organize the speakers for our monthly meetings which used to take place at University College in South Kensington, London but, of course, are now online, having been unable to meet up in person since March. But this has proved to be quite successful, attracting far more people than were ever able to physically meet up in London. I also help to produce a glossy magazine called "in focus" which is crammed with our members' images and articles which they contribute, free of charge. Until this year, it was actually printed but for the time being it is produced digitally. I have a Nikon D500 in a Sea & Sea housing and am about to take a leap and buy a pair of Retra Pro strobes. They are so nice and shiny! I thought I might be able to read about them on this forum. have been using a YS250PRO which I absolutely love and have used it as a single strobe for a long time. I also have a pair of Inon Z240s which I have always taken with me as a back up. The only diving I've been able to do this year, due to the travel restrictions, was four days with the seals at Lundy Island in August. Let's hope it won't be too long before things get back to normal. I organize a two week liveaboard trip to the Red Sea every year and also love to go to Bali or Manado. You can't beat Indonesia. Well, I shall enjoy meeting you all and look forward to chatting soon. And who knows, maybe I can even recruit one or two of you to come and give us a talk at BSoUP! Joss
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    Hey Aaron, The port, extension ring and red protective cover have been sent via USPS two days ago. Deliver will be by 7/8. I sent you the tracking number on an earlier message. Please send me $250 plus &19 shipping and insurance to tarponwriter@icloud.com via PayPal. Thank You. Mark
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    The equipment just sold by Traveldave to me is in perfect, near new shape, excellent in all respects. Thank you for putting it for sale on Wetpixel.



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