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    After many months of lockdown in which we have done everything possible to cultivate our passion for diving, finally we are back in the sea and the island of Giannutri (Italy) welcomes us in the best way. Punta Pennello shoal with its forest of black coral (Antipathes subpinnata) surrounded by forests of Paramuricea clavata and Eunicella cavolini is a riot of color and life and reminds us that the Mediterranean mesophotic coral has nothing to envy to the tropical seas. A short video by @MarcoP.
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    Great work! Mare Nostrum
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    Regulator: A couple of years ago I bought a Poseidon Xstream - and for me it is perfect. It has a side exhaust, similar to the Hollis mentioned above. No bubbles in front of your mask; it is streamlined so there is almost no drag in a current. It does not protrude much, so it will not interfere with a housing. The regulator is bullet-proof, the inner construction seems to be simple but very effective - and I find it very comfortable to breath with. Both the Poseidon and the Hollis are a little bit "exotic", so if you should go for one of these it might be a good idea to know where to find a qualified/certified service center... Jock
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    This is probably normal (at least it is for the a7siii). Do you have the the "Auto Power OFF Temp" setting set to Standard or High? If you don't want to see the warning, set it to High and you should be good.
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    Thanks From about 70m to 90m. Most of the video is shot between 70 to 80m on a small plateau on the outer side of the shoal.
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    There is no doubt that the D500 remains a stellar choice for underwater photography. It has an excellent pallet of lens options and solid image quality. The AF performance is extremely reliable in underwater settings. If however, you would like to shoot any video, then you need to think a bit more carefully about a D500. The D500 has pretty good 4k if you can work with the crop factor (2.25x) and scene is well lit. The 4k cannot be pushed too much in post, so you have to feel good about getting it right when you shoot it. The 1080 modes are bad. On the D500 you are better off most likely just having a paralenz/gopro mounted on the housing. So if you are more of a hybrid shooter, you are better off looking at other options.
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    Being a long-time Nikon shooter, I use Nikon underwater and above. Personally I use the same camera (D850 now, D810 before that) above and below water. I wanted the best camera I owned to go underwater with me, and it took me 10 years to convince myself to take that risk (and spend that much $$). I am extremely happy with the D850 underwater, and I would prefer it over the Z7 for instance, unless I was shooting video and wanting acceptable autofocus there. That said, I've come to the point where I typically don't mix above and below water for shooting. I used to do it a lot - diving from a cruise ship is a good example. But I got tired of lugging all the gear for 2-4 dives on a trip, or even 10 dives over 5 days. I've since started just doing dedicated dive trips of 1 or 2 weeks where I can get in 18 dives/week. When I go on a dive trip, ESPECIALLY WITH FX CAMERA, I simply don't have room to take many lenses. in fact due to the packing situation I have, I can really only take 3 lenses, and two of them are for underwater. The third has to be some shorter prime to fit the remaining space. Sometimes that is an 85f1.4, sometimes a 35f1.4. My diving lenses are limited to 16-35 and 105 macro. So on a dive trip, I typically don't have the lenses I want for above water anyway. To me this argues in favor of a dedicated dive camera as it may not be used much above water anyway. (I use my cell phone a lot for above water, and I also use my old RX100 which comes along as an emergency spare dive camera (along with housing). If you haven't looked at the logistics of bringing an FX camera along, or looked at available lenses, start looking. When I shoot Nikon FX underwater, I have the choice of fisheye, wide and macro - nothing in the middle. I don't much like fisheye, so that means I have a choice between a 16-35 (and a 230mm/9in) dome or a 105 macro. M4/3's has a lot more choices. DX has somewhat more choices. And a 230mm dome port? Until you've held one you don't know how big it is, and it is BIG. Until you've packed one, you don't know what will and won't fit in your bag. And it will limit you in how you pack and what you bring. TSA is really curious about it too when it shows up on the x-ray.
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    Keep the 4/3 for UW and only use FF for topside. Satisfy the GAS for less money.



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