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    The debate has taken unexpected turns. Instead of continuing to mourn Olympus or betting on who will be next (Nikon?), comments on children and young generations reminded me of two essays by Italian authors: Massimo Mantellini and Paolo Magrassi. which perfectly center the side theme slightly touched by @oneyellowtang and @Interceptor121 "We live in the "good-enough society", the age of good enough: we don't need the optimal quality of the CD, MP3 is enough; phone calls with perfect audio? Skype VOIP is more than enough". The Internet has radically changed our approach with depth, information, social relations, markets and culture. We listen to music in new digital formats, we photograph the world through the small lens of our mobile phones. We no longer read newspapers, preferring random information that bounces off the social profiles of our "friends". But we embraced Ikea kitchens and Banksy's graffiti, new low-resolution artifacts that fill our lives today. Often through such options we can glimpse the signs of a new intelligence, other times they tell the story of our usual superficiality. In low-resolution technology real time overwhelms the archive. The Internet, the place of memory, is transformed into the space where everything will be quickly forgotten. Let's take music: while still discussing whether vinyl or CD is better, we switched to mp3 and then to streaming. It all happened quickly while we were discussing which are the best gold cables for our high fidelity systems dusty in the living room. Then I go into my son's room and his tech equipment is very simple: a laptop connected to the internet, Youtube and two $10 plastic speakers. If I ask him "how does it sound?" the answer is "great". It sounds great. We can do the exact same thing for photography. The current transformation is similar to the revolution introduced by Polaroid in the era of film. The digital image has changed skin and is now dominated by the speed of the transition to new media other than paper: social networks where our friends will be ready to welcome them and comment on them. The low resolution at least in our photos is not a simple process of degradation for practical purposes but a complex process that expands in several directions. A significant number of photos we see on the net are low-resolution but highly processed images. The software that modifies them before they are published is equipped with predefined filters and options that allow in a few gestures even on the screen of a mobile phone to make the image we have just taken more interesting, artistic or captivating. Such modifications are improvements and adulterations: They make the photos more similar to us and to the idea that we want to suggest us to others, but they intentionally betray the principle of truth. above all, they make the photos that we observe on the net all substantially similar. It's no coincidence that there are now groups of people on the internet who would like to eliminate the use of filters and who add the proud caption "nofilter" as proof of the authenticity of the look that technology has now compromised and deceived everywhere. Within the vastness of the digital offer, everything seemed at hand. Just then we decided to slow down, making an unexpected choice: the reduction of our expectations. Understanding this choice means understanding the contemporary. Low-resolution
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    Folks, I own a kit lens that I would like to use as a mid-range zoom, mainly for ambient light, big animal photography : Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R I would like to avoid purchasing a dedicated port for this lens. 36136 (macro port 56) Instead, I'm wondering if I could get by using one of the following Nauticam ports that I already own, and just purchasing the zoom gear: 36135 (macro port 45) + 36620 (mini extension ring 20) - Used for Oly 60mm macro. 36133 (6" dome) - Used for Panasonic 7-14. 36132 (4.33" dome) - Used for Panasonic 8mm. (** Could add the 36620 mini extension ring 20 if required). Does anyone have experience trying any of these combinations? Thanks.
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    Original boxes, purchased in 2017, including diffusers. Perfect condition. Also included are CM dome diffusers custom made for Z240's. $750. plus shipping for both strobes and dome diffusers. Will be shipping from Los Angeles. By the way, the dome diffusers sell for $130. Per pair. I am including them with the strobes at no extra cost. .
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    Great idea. Two topics I'd like to see if you could cover: 1 Tripods. Options for stable platforms available from ready made to DIY. The use of tripods in different environments. 2 Getting under your subject. I don't have a 45 degree view finder yet, so I find it challenging sometimes on a reef or tight spot to get on eye level or under a subject to shoot up. Can you cover this subject with any tips, tricks, or techniques you have learned?
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    If half of it was labour what was the other half? Where any parts other than o-rings replaced? People put crap on Ikleite housing's but at least I can service a housing my self for around $75 AUD
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    I used a butter knife on its backside to remove the original Ikelite viewfinder. Be careful it is tight. Don't forget to order the Nauticam adaptor aswell! The other thing I did was replace the original tray with an ULCS tray with quick release handles. That improved the housing ergonomics %100 Happy shooting Unidentia Sp
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    Hi Mate I have a different housing, mine is the older style 6871.03 updated to house a Canon 5dmkiv. It is tight but fits and works fine. If Ikelite can confirm your rear door is similar in dimensions to my housing I would say you are good to go.
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    Hi Thomas, Regarding battery life as with all batteries things are not always equal however during my tests I exceeded the specs. of 2000 flashes per charge by a lot. I also used the S-Turtle shooting models in the Mexican Cenotes at 5 to 10 frames per second and the S-Turtle was able to keep up without overheating or misfiring. If you would like to read my full review of the S-Turtle for Sony it is in the back issues at uwpmag.com, issue #110. This is a free PDF download and contains lots of useful info on how to use the S-Turtle. As with a lot of U/W equipment failures I ignored my own advice and managed to pinch the wiring for the S-Turtle when closing the housing. This was complete Pilot error on my part and no fault of the S-Turtle but resulted in damage to the wiring which has put the S-Turtle out of commission for the time being. I hope you enjoy my take on this excellent tool.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I don't plan on purchasing a port for this lens, just wondering if i could use it with one of my existing port combinations temporarily, until I can afford a 12-40 + port. So all i would be purchasing is a zoom gear.
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    "36135 (macro port 45) + 36620 (mini extension ring 20) - Used for Oly 60mm macro." This combo is a little long....65mm total, and you only need 56. You could help yourself by using the 17mm extension ring 36617 rather than the 20mm, but that still only gets you down to 62mm. What you'd lose would be your 14mm wideangle end; the 42mm telephoto end is still fine. Why do you have a 36135 port? I thought that only fit the 30mm macro lens? Do you want more telephoto than 30mm but less than 60?
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    I have this lens in another housing. I would not purchase an expensive port for ambient light. It is best with a strobe.
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    > "We live in the "good-enough society", Phones are not locked in to just the software the manufacturer provides. They are part of a whole ecosystem of 3rd party just about good enough software. Don't like the way the something on your phone works - well browse the web and try a few 'maybe good enough' alternatives until you find one you like. Whilst I curse the poor quality of much of such software, and even more the bloatware that comes pre-installed with a new phone, the fact remains that I have a choice and eventually find something that, at least for me, suits better than the original. Its not just the phone hardware manufacturers that are pushing the whole ecosystem forward. Their software development is limited to a few proprietary drivers and configuring an operating system. But they benefit from many orders of magnitude 'free' (at least to the manufacturer) additional development work from a world of developers. The first big camera manufacturer to take the plunge and open up their platform to third party software could start an evolutionary rush of innovation (much of which will be barely good enough) that others will have to follow or get left behind. Rather than comparing the benefits of Nikon / Canon / Sony / Olympus, we will be comparing the benefits of what software we have installed. But by providing a route out of stagnation, would that also result in a further 'commoditization' of cameras and shake up of manufacturers? Will Sony and Nikon embrace android, while Apple partners with Canon for iEOS?
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    You need to look at the housing add on items as a once in a lifetime purchase. I agree with the purchase of a vacuum system. With the items like a vacuum system, viewfinder, strobes, arms and clamps, you purchase them once and when you upgrade your camera, you upgrade your housing and transfer all the items to the new housing. Yes you may need to get a different adapter for the vacuum system and viewfinder but that cost would be minimal in relation to the cost of new items. It may be out of your price range right now but it may be less expensive than buying a inon and then selling it and buying a nauticam viewfinder.
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    Up for sale is a used Nauticam NA-E-M5 housing in good used working condition. Comes with an Olympus’ groundbreaking OM-D E-M5 body, also in good working condition, with 10.8k actuations. Comes with box, FL-LM2 flash, OEM battery, charger, caps. Ready to dive! $375 plus shipping in the United States. I sold a similar setup on eBay (I had three of these housings) but eBay is now charging sales tax in addition to the ten percent they take, so no more eBay. Photos to come.
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    I guess the original intention of the post got sidetracked by the usual stuff Going back to what you say it may be true that national geographic is using a gopro for shark, sure you can put it on a stick and if it gets crushed who cares but viceversa is not true a lot of people that use a phone or a gopro stay there This is consistent across the number of surveys done Most people here and the readers of uwpmag dont come for gopro and phones Technology in the camera department is moving slow phones are moving fast the two things do not cross path. Phones have app stores you can write tools so they have much more to offer than a closed system camera Market consolidation will happen and the market becomes more commodity I see those as consequences that cannot be avoided, will it trickle to underwater photography? Not sure is such a small segment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is my point because they are camera companies that are camera and image not consumer centric. Same issue of Olympus keep going on a certain path without trying to exploit the video potential of MFT while Panasonic was getting the whole public of DSLR and camcorders shooters interested in portable video. Camera will become specific devices for people that need a more creative support manufacturers keep making the same mistakes and pushing consumers to full frame because they make money with that not realising that the majority of people can't be bothered about ultimate image quality but need to share quickly ultimately this approach cannibalises their own cropped offering but does not win a single consumer that comes from mobile phone market
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    After having a look at the (Nauticam) housings for the Z7 and the D850 with no difference in weight and almost same size it will be a DSLR again. Thanks for all you kind help. The camera body might be a little bit lighter than the DSLR is but with the ftz Adaptor and using F-Mount lenses there is also not too much difference any more. The handling of the camera: also +1 for the DSLR. I couldn't have a look at the images, I still don't know much about the quality of the Z6/7 compared to a D800/D810/D850. Maybe the next or the generation after that will get it's chance. I can't wait for a successor (and I don't want to go with 60 MP with what the rumors say) and also a Z8 is too much. I think with the D850 I will get a partner for a couple of years.
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    Cause I’m using the GH5s which lacks IBIS, I had to come up with a way to balance my rig to to make it feel like a traditional video cam rather than the DSLR restricted position. This setup up helps me avoid all types of roll, pitch and yow. It is not a final setup up but it is so balanced that I can let go of the camera midwater and it will just stay there :). I rely totally on the external monitor for all my needs: exposure/focus etc... I can adjust the camera vertically (lookup/down) by adjusting the DIY floors position.



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