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    I'll be posting the pictures I get with my actual system, Fujifilm X-T3 into Nauticam housing. Please, feel free to criticize the pics. Flabellina Affinis, Ifach Rock, Spain. Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon 80mm macro + Nauticam housing + 2x Backscatter MF1 @wetdreamsphoto
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    Flabellina Affinis, La Llosa-Benidorm, Spain Fujifilm X-T3 + Fujinon 80mm macro + Nauticam housing + 2x Backscatter MF1 @wetdreamsphoto
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    @Draq & @TimG, Being lucky (daft?) enough to have both a D500 and D850 (both housed in Nauticam housings) there are really only 2 scenarios where I lean towards shooting with the D850 over the D500. 1. Wide angle where I can shoot the WACP on the D850 (with the old 28-70mm lens, for example). I don't take the WACP on every trip, and when I do it means lugging around another piece of luggage just to hold the WACP (small to medium suitcase just for it). The optics are really nice however (w/good corner sharpness), so if you there's a good chance to find large(r) subjects it often makes sense to bring it (like in the Maldives this summer). 2. Blackwater diving - the D500 with a 60mm is very good, however I've found that the D850 with (the same) 60mm is virtually as good focusing, and you can crop into the image a little bit more, so you tend to keep a few more shots. For regular macro I actually prefer the D500 - I find it to be more flexible framing subjects and it's really good in low light or where a subject is being a bit elusive. Also, shooting anything "fish-size" I prefer the D500, might just be that I've shot with it longer, but it feels a little bit more flexible.
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    There are basically three options that I can think of: Change the strobe(s) to something that supports wired triggering (YS-110α, YS-D1, Z-220, Z-240) and use a sync cord. Get a UW-Technics TTL board for SeaFrogs housings - it comes with a replacement optical bulkhead. Caveat: it doesn't have a TTL profile for YS-01, so only manual operation will be supported. Get the UW-Technics bulkhead alone and use it with a simple manual-only trigger - less expensive than an entire UW-Technics kit, but has potential compatibility issues. My personal choice would be to go for better strobes - it just isn't worthwhile to invest hundreds of dollars into making a single old YS-01 fire.



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