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    Actually, one of our last trips to Lembeh (3 years ago) was to Dabirahe Dive resort (very little availability anywhere during the New Year season), it was *awful.* Food was extremely poor, and the walk to the top cabins made Anilao look "flat" by comparison. The resort is now closed (which is good)...
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    @Lostandconfused You named several of the best dive locations in SE Asia. For Anilao the best (IMHO) is Crystal Blue, for Lembeh I (now) prefer Lembeh Resort (I enjoyed Kasawari quite a bit, Lembeh Resort is better. just as Kasawari was better than Kungkungan years ago). Wakatobi is world class... (going back for our fifth trip next summer). Have you looked at the Atlantis Resort in Dumaguete? Puerta Galera was a bit of a dump, but there location in Dumaguete is entirely different. I was there right before the pandemic and was surprised by how good the diving was. Everyone will tell you that you will get tired finding frogfish on their dives (and you won't believe it until you experience it). The reality is... you will likely see more frogfish diving there than any other location (and it could be by orders of magnitude more... #not kidding#). Time of year matters... but they are there. One small (maybe 1 meter long) coral outcropping had a giant frogfish near the base, two smaller frogfish perched higher up, and 3 tiny frogfish in the sand around them. The guides weren't even surprised... Virtually anything you can find in Anilao you can find in Dumaguete, just in different numbers (variety of nudibranchs is smaller however).
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    Black Sand Retreat, Lembeh ticks all your boxes. Been there three times and would go again tomorrow if I could. Very boutique - only seven rooms. Per the name - muck diving off the beach, two to one guide if you request it but we found that often happens anyway as we have never found it busy. PM me anytime.. Bruce, the owner is an avid photographer so he knows what we want
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    So then the recommendation of YS-D3 must be as good as that one It is unlikely that Japanese cheaper products mean more margin. I think when it comes to retra it must be irritating that they sell directly to consumers. Japanese companies from this point of view are more structured and easy to deal with for them



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