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    New to Wetpixel and saw this. I would agree with Christophe about 360 moving to more cinematic. I also think it will follow a similar market like Imax films and be used in Aquariums and Museums. Here is a link to some work I have been doing here:
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    Have you ever wondered which lens to get for underwater videography? In this video we take a closer look at zoom lenses and why I feel they have the potential to improve your underwater videos. I also give concrete recommendations for specific lenses and focal ranges to choose. I hope you enjoy it!
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    Hi all, The 613 core fiber cable used in most commercial fiber cables is actually pretty cheap per meter, but can only be bought in bulk (500M spool). New fiber can be wound around a pencil, and be immersed in boiling water to produce the slinky coils before use. I'm sure the fiber used in most Nauticam/Howshot/Sea&Sea cables is P/N MCQ-1500-22 made by Asahi Kasei in Japan. With enough interest, it may be worth the group buy of a spool, and dividing it up. As we all know, when fibers break, the connectors on the ends are still perfectly good. It is remarkably easy to put a new fiber into the old connectors. A single spool of this fiber is in the realm of $1700USD ($3.4/m). With enough people, we can save considerable money by buying a spool and reusing our old end connectors. With 20 people, at $85 each (plus a little shipping), we would each get 25m of high quality fiber cable. Even at 10 people and $170 each (plus a little shipping), it would give 50m of fiber each. Given the price of replacement standard cables, this is a no-brainer in my mind. Any takers? Bevan
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    cool informational video.. I don't do much video UW, so this was very interesting... and I am a prime girl
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    If you look at the port/lens charts from different manufacturers, you'll generally see that the dome ports recommended for use with fisheye lenses are often the same as those recommended for primes and renticular zoom lenses are the same. This said, there are a some exceptions. For example, I have one dome port that's specifically designed for my Nikkor 10-24mm zoom. While the dome ports used with different lenses are often the same, The length of port extensions used with lenses differ depending on the focal length of lenses. Just take a look at the port/lens charts available on different housing manufacturers' websites. You'll see which dome ports and extension combinations work with what lenses and see which lenses require specifically designed dome ports. -Tinman
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    https://instagram.com/scubadiverplanet?igshid=6oyhtcub0ci2 It’s a pretty collection but I didn’t feel taking my Instagram photo, cropping off the watermark and reposting it with attribution was okay without my permission.
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    I would not consider the diffuser to try to match the color temperature of 2 different strobes, specially when I had only one strobe. My approach would be: If I am happy with the strobe I already have (regarding strobe power, beam spread, power control, number of cycles with fully charged batteries, usability, reliability, etc), I would buy a second strobe equal to the the one I have. And then, if I want to modify the color temperature of the strobe, I would use the same correction on both strobes. If not happy with the strobe I have, I would buy a new strobe that could tick the issues I dislike on the one I have. And I would try to sell the initial one to be able to buy a second one like the "new" strobe. On the picture I shown before it is quite visible the difference of the color cast brought to the picture between the two different strobes. I had opportunity to use Inon and Sea&Sea toghether, they are less different than Ikelite vs S&S, but even so, the few pictures I took with that mixture did not felt right to me. Ikelite DS125 4800 K Inon z240 5500 k (5400k with supplied diffuser) Sea&Sea YS-D2 5600 k Inon z330 5500 k (5400k with supplied diffuser) Retra "Original" 5400 k Retra "new ones" 4900 k Besides that, the way you control different strobes is different, which means you need to adapt your control for the right strobe differently than the way for the left strobe if you use different strobes (if they are same brand, less complicated for the control, but not necessarily the same) My history with strobes started with an Ikelite DS125. I liked that strobe, I decided to buy another one equal to it. Great strobes. Powerfull, nice beam, warm light. Very happy till a moment I was in a dive trip at Manado and we went for a full day dive to Lembeh. That day we did 4 dives at Lembeh, and on the last dive, we went for the Mandarim fish, all my collegues with smaller strobes with AA batteries were firing away on the dive and I was "P***** OFF" because my strobes were dead. They had proprietary bateries with proprietary charger, and on a full day out I was not able to recharge them. At that moment I decided that I was going to sell the Ikelite strobes and buy new ones with AA batteries to avoid to be out of power ever again (AA batteries are easier to charge, and even if not possible to charge, most probably much easier to buy new ones almost everywhere). Inon Z240 were the strobes "everybody" was using then, they were powered by AA batteries, smaller and lighter on land, so much easier to travel with, and I bought 2. The light was a little harsh compared with the Ikelite, so I use a Lee gel filter inside the soft diffusers (on both strobes) to warm it up a bit.
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    shot before covid-19 @ Dauin, Demaguete I really want to go there as soon as possible. Canon 5D MkII / EF 100mm F2.8L Macro / Aquatica housing with double INON Z330
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    When I try to find some tiny critters, but too much surge at bottom. So, I grab the rock and found this lovely shrimp beside sea anemone. Moon Island, Seogwipo, Jeju, South Korea Canon 5D Mk IV / EF 100mm F2.8L Macro / Aquatica Housing without strobes, just flash light.
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    Chris is right about the ton of bad video out there; as I said I am lucky, my wife shoots and edits pretty well so I am spoiled. Bill



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