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  1. There's really no debate here. Any properly configured machine is fine to use. They all work, right? After switching to PCs, I lost love for my computer. But now, machines are interchangeable for me. I have no feelings for my computer. It's FANTASTIC, and I get things done quickly. I might switch back if more cool utilities were available for the Mac. I use lots o' little shareware apps that automate things for me. It's just easier to find them on the PC. But yeah. PCs: not sexy, no matter how riced out your lan party rig is. Forever nerding, Eric
  2. Good idea! I'll go try it: jailshell-2.05a$ photoshop jailshell: photoshop: command not found jailshell-2.05a$ photoshop.exe jailshell: photoshop.exe: command not found jailshell-2.05a$ adobe photoshop jailshell: adobe: command not found jailshell-2.05a$ logout dammit! why is it not working?
  3. More information (a new thread) here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4183 (Please go there to continue this thread)
  4. Hardcore Mac people don't use them because they are faster. It's something less tangible. I used to love my Mac. But I'm so much faster on a PC that I finally switched back. I hate waiting. The older report is much more depressing for Mac users. In that test, a PC notebook kicked the Mac dual G4's ass.
  5. These were shot in Sulawesi, at Wakatobi -- in the sea grass right out front. Not really muddy. But sandy patches all around, and a reef dropoff not far away.
  6. I had a hard time exposing them, too -- for the first few shots. I love that instant feedback thing we have. From Wakatobi last month: And re: "defusers" vs "diffusers." Will we have to revoke the Grammar Coach title?
  7. I search for "red filter" yields the following results: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?act=S...lite=red+filter If the link doesn't work, go to the search area and type in "red filter" -- on all forums, any date. This is probably the best thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...0&hl=red+filter
  8. well ... The current frogfish has been here for a year and a half, and has never posted. I'm not sure that I can check activity other than that, but it can't hurt to write to him and ask whether he'd be up for giving up his handle...
  9. Florida Drift Expedition Hello, Wetpixel readers. I'm trying to gauge interest for an exciting, mid-June expedition. The expedition will feature a shark cage floating in a simulated weed line from Key West to Miami in the Gulf Stream. 24-hour cage watch and photo opportunities will be available. Wetpixel will be involved in the trip. Florida Gulf Stream Exploratory Drift Objectives: Explore and document for yearly drift mission Dates: June 14-21, 2004 Departs Key West, Florida and returns to West Palm Beach 7 spaces available at $2500 per person 24 hour operations Details and itinerary will be available mid-month. If you are interested in this trip, please send me an e-mail ASAP! (include your interest level).
  10. Yeah -- I should do a proper review, which I will get to soon. I also will write about my experiences shooting Canon with INON strobes, and supermacro on Canon dSLRs.
  11. For some reason, this one took me a lot longer to put together. The Gallery: http://echeng.com/travel/wakatobi/ Selected photographs: Squat Lobster in a Crinoid False Percula in an Anemone
  12. Look here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3996 ... or on the main wetpixel page (top news item): http://wetpixel.com/archives/00000153.shtml
  13. Happy New Year! As a community, we made incredible progress in 2003. Let's hope for another photo-filled year! Expect some big changes early on in 2004.
  14. "solid female genitalia on a bad night out .. anyone know what it is ?" hehehe. you are funny.
  15. nice shot! I think the shot could have been a bit better if the seahorse was facing you -- even a little bit. I have many shots of seahorses facing *just a bit* away, and I always feel like the shot is missing something.
  16. Some links to photos of HYPSELODORIS PURPUREOMACULOSA: http://www.medslugs.de/E/Pac-W/Hypselodori...reomaculosa.htm http://www.rfbolland.com/okislugs/hypspurp.html Most of the photos online show rather muted colors. But the markings do seem to match...? Photo Source: Sub Aqua Pictures, Fredy J. Brauchli
  17. Maybe someone out there can get a supermacro shot of one. I shot that using the 1Ds at 1:1, and cropped it down. I'll send mail to the Wakatobi folk to see if someone there can snap a shot.
  18. Definitely the right place to post unknown critter photos. I just wanted to suggest that we use more informative subjects, and not something like "what is it?"
  19. Pete Ladell will make you a macro port that takes the INON Quadflash (for any housing). It also has two 8mm threaded holes for ball-mounts -- and the mounting assembly swivels around the port, so you can switch your strobes from landscape to portrait very easily. He can be reached at pete.ladell@ukonline.co.uk . I'll post photos of mine very soon. The one I have for my Seacam rig unfortunately can't be used for manual-focus setups because the zoom gear on the front of the lens is too thick for the tapered design. I'm going to contact him to see what can be done about it.
  20. Hey, Todd -- i'll be posting a comprehensive trip report within the next few days.
  21. If you are in the U.S., I suggest that you inquire about UK Germany support before making a decision. From personal experience I found it nearly impossible to get parts in a timely manner. Getting support for me involved shipping the thing to Germany -- which is definitely *not* convenient. Much of the problem involved communication problems with Uwe. He is aware of the problem with American support, and while I have had hints of an effort to rectify the problem, nothing has actually happened. The Subal housing looks pretty slick, but they do not offer simultaneous depression of the shutter and the * button, which as you all know, is something I gripe about often. Sea & Sea's transition to TUSA makes me a little nervous. Their 10D housing is more sleek than their older, rounded box housings. If the transition goes well, they may be worth a look. And there's always Ike, with March availability.
  22. again, let's try for more informative subject text.
  23. hey, guys. can we try to stick to more informative subject text in this topic, please?
  24. Couldn't find this in any of the nudi books I checked, and Lorenz and the dive guides had never seen it, either. Any ideas?
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