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  1. uh... I was 2 years old 25 years ago. :) Have to book a hotel in the next day or two. thanks to all of you for the info!!
  2. Hi, Alex - I debated posting that shot. I very much overexposed it, and had to underexpose the raw file during conversion to get it. It shouldnt' have passed my filters. Will do some sunburst tests soon...
  3. Hey, guys. The Seacam housing (if outfitted with Nikonos bulkheads) comes with 5 of the 6 hotshoe pins installed. You can simply pull out the pins, however, so it's very easy to remove all of the pins except for the one you need (in addition to ground). So you have two solutions, if you are using Ike strobes: 1) buy these cords: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/sync_cord_d1x.html 2) pull out three of the pins and save them for future use
  4. Most USB2 drives need additional power to be "bus powered." The one I have uses TWO USB ports to get the necessary power, and some use the PS/2 port in addition to a USB port. Mine is firewire 6-pin and USB 2.0 (with special cable for bus power).
  5. Stephane - your worldly wisdom shows.
  6. I'm not positive that all five pins are hooked up, but there are five pins on the hotshoe (a sixth is removeable, and is wired in a fancy way in the hotshoe -- not sure what it does if you hook it up). Ike provides a special sync cord that only runs two pins. I'm going to use these, instead, but I'll have to remove the other pins or tape up the contacts on my camera to try out the Inon strobes. I don't want to fry the camera, and I'm afraid to hook up all of the pins.
  7. Posts about INON TTL magnet settings moved to the lighting section. I'll investigate INON/Canon interoperability and get back to y'all. As for hooking up my Ike DS-125s, I just took the standard Nikonos connector (hooked up to 5 pins on the canon hotshoe) and used a standard Nik->Ike cord. Have no idea what pins go where, but the Ike interface is 4-pin, I believe. There are five pins, but two are bridged with some sort of resistor. I am halfway talking out of my ass, as I have never disassembled one of their cords. But that is my understanding.
  8. Hey, guys! Any recommendations on hotels/resorts in Bali for the fews days we have before going to Wakatobi this December? The Wakatobi guys recommend the southern areas, like Kuta, Sanur or Nusa Dua. Budget is flexible, but would rather go on the inexpensive side. Looking for safe, comfortable, and a good base for exploring the city. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer. -eric
  9. I have heard nothing but excellent words about the Inon 180 and 220 strobes. Gazzer, have you actually used the current crop of Inon strobes?
  10. Hi, guys - I'm sure we all know by now that in order to use certain strobes with certain digital SLRs, we have to cover up hotshoe pins in order to have proper camera funtionality. Specifically, the Nikon D100, D1, D1X, D1H, Canon D30, D60, 10D, 1Ds, and possibly the Digital Rebel have this problem. (see Ike's page about this at http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/sync_cord_d1x.html) On the 1Ds and Ike DS-125 with all of the pins connected, the camera knows a camera is connected (the flash icon lights up), but it will no longer allow aperture priority or shutter priority, always setting the shutter to sync at 1/250. Manual mode works fine, and fires the strobes properly. Has anyone tried using INON strobes with all of the pins connected? I'm going to give it a try with some demo strobes I just received, but I thought I'd jump-start the process by asking here, first. I'll also try taping up some of the pins to see what happens.
  11. Hey, guys - I've been hearing mixed information about quality and service for Jonah housings, and wanted to open a thread to solicit feedback about them. If you have used a Jonah housing in the field, can you take a moment to let us know about your experiences? -Eric
  12. This is a late announcement, but mostly because I didn't want to toot my own horn. Congratulations to Wetpixel members for placing in NCUPS' Sea 2003 Intermediate digital categories! The results can be found on NCUPS' Website. Novice Macro Digital: * 1st Robert Ellefson "Anemone Fish" * 2nd Robert Ellefson "My Domain" * 3rd Robert Ellefson "Squat Lobster" Intermediate Macro Digital: # 1st Herb Ko "Squid Close-Up" # 2nd Rudi Rombouts "Dinner" # 3rd Rudi Rombouts "Ready" # HM Thomas Sandercock "I Dare You To Eat Me" Novice Wide/Normal Digital: # 1st Rand McMeins "C-52" # 2nd Wei Bunn Ng "Sandwich" # 3rd Wei Bunn Ng "Stripes" Intermediate Wide/Normal Digital: * 1st Eric Cheng "Night Dolphin" * 2nd Herb Ko "Fish Trail" * 3rd Eric Cheng "Mixed Dolphin Pod" * HW Kasey Canton "Green Turtle" * HM Eric Cheng "Great White Shark" Best of Digital: Digital Eric Cheng "Night Dolphin"
  13. I want to see all these photos, but I'm cell-phone bound for a connection for a few more days. Come to Wakatobi in December! I'll be there from Dec 9-23. And I think James and I will be out in Sipadan, Lembeh and Sagalaki in August 2004. I'll post details once I find out what we are doing.
  14. PS7 has a scripting update you can install as well. Haven't done it myself, but it exists, and can be scripted in Javascript, VB, and Applescript...
  15. My workflow involves copying EXIF data around. I messed up this time and had Photoshop rewrite some of the EXIF, and I believe the latest version of BreezeBrowser has a EXIF bug with certain cameras (Chris Breeze confirmed this, and should be fixing it in the next version). So... Until then, I will continue to shoot with my 3840mm lens.
  16. Thanks for the id, guys. By the way, I just uploaded a new version of the gallery that includes dive briefing drawings from our EXCELLENT guide, Antonio Moreano. Yeah. I tend not to sleep much. And I am working on something all the time... and I don't watch TV. Lots of stuff gets done when you don't watch TV. -e
  17. Hey, guys! I just got back from the Galapagos, where I gave the Canon 1Ds/Seacam combo a spin. Photos at: http://echeng.com/travel/galapagos2003/ I love this camera and housing. There was a bit of low-light color noise banding going on, but it was only in isolated circumstances. I'll post some samples when I have time! School of salemas, at Isabela Island:
  18. Hi, folks. I am in the Galapagos from Nov 6-15. Please direct any urgent messages concerning Wetpixel to James Wiseman, at james@wetpixel.com. Regards, Eric
  19. Hmmm. I'll try to find another example some time. There are examples where there is just red noise added -- that isn't related to color balance.
  20. Would probably help to list your location. You're in the U.K.?
  21. I love this job! I describe it as "the site I manage in nearly all my 'spare' time. you know, the one that pays me nothing." ha ha ha. it's a true labor of love.
  22. 1) Use existing bulkhead 2) Run 2 or 3 pins to Canon's remote terminal (2 pins to fire, third pin for fancy features found on canon's high end remote switch) 3) Optional: run 2 pins for video out Get a long 4 or 5-pin sync cord and run it up the pole. Put a switch on the other end for remote. Optionally, run video out, which isn't so useful. Most people get a waterproof lipstick cam mounted on the eyepiece somehow and use a remote screen/googles to see through it...
  23. Hey, Craig - I plan to do this with my camera housings and gear as soon as I have more than two days at home to organize myself! Then I will travel with two soft bags, and since the North Face duffle is 20 points lighter than a Storm case with padded dividers, I'll just fit under the U.S. 50 lb limit for my housing/strobes/etc.
  24. Hmm. Yeah. Maybe I'll check out a big rolling duffle at REI tomorrow. I have to fit all my dive gear + clothing in one bag. My second "bag" is a big Storm case with my housing in it. I carry one carry-on and a "personal item," with my computer and most of my camera bodies and lenses. But this REI bag has more volume in it than my Stahlsac does. And, it's a lot cheaper, but probably doesn't have a lifetime warranty. If it works out, does anyone want to buy my old Stahlsac? This is what I have now: http://www.stahlsac.com/submariner/islander.html
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