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  1. Hi, I have a Canon EOS 400D and I was thinking of buying a housing and strobes for it, but there are so many housings, ports and strobes that I don't know what to choose, not to mention the price is pretty high too. The Ikelite housing has ttl conversion circuitry, what does that do? Is it worth it to buy the Fantasea housing that doesn't have the conversion circuitry? How much would the setup cost me? Please help me, Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply, Guess I'll just have to stick with my old canon A610 for now ... The hard case housings are expensive for me right now, or buy the ewa housing for snorkeling until I can get enough money for a better housing.
  3. I read here on wetpixel on past posts that there are people that do use them with still and video. Any particular reason why you dislike the Ewa marine bag?
  4. Hi, I have a Canon EOS 400D\Rebel XTi. I was thinking of buying an underwater housing for it and since the hard case housings are way out of my budget I'm considering buying the Ewa marine. 1. Pressure damage: since it's a flexible housing the pressure that will be in the water will be the same inside the housing. The U-AXP has a depth rating of 50m, hence it will be 6 times normal atmospheric pressure, if there are any air pockets in the camera then won't it get damaged? for example the flash bulb. 2. Flash: How effective will the external flash be underwater? 3. will I be able to operate the dial? Does anyone have experience with the U-AXP and the external flash? It would be nice to know. Thanks in advance
  5. I took these about a week ago. Red Sea, Eilat, Israel. I'm not sure what they are, (first time I saw them and I've been diving here for 2 years). They seem to come in colonies and get seperated from each other gradually.
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