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  1. Will do Tim. Also, I just got informed that my Issota case has arrived and will be delivered tomorrow. Yeaaahhhhhhh cant wait. I faced the same dilemma as you did but what sold me towards D500 over D850 is the speed of the focus during black water diving. Hope you get a dive trip soon
  2. Tim truly appreciate you sharing your camera settings and experiences. I wish i could go try it out now unfortunately it wouldnt be until first week of December.
  3. I just recently got my D500 and will be going to my first dive with it in late November and I was wondering of what is the recommended underwater settings for the camera. I would appreciate any guidance from the group
  4. Hi there. I am Denver from the US but have been living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and been diving most of Asia and been loving it. I would want to further my knowledge in underwater photography and would also want to take the step to the next level of my camera from an Olympus OMD EM 5 Mk II to a Nikon D500. Also, if anyone is planning to dive Asia, I could help advice and answer questions you have.
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