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  1. Thanks for the info. I’m assuming by the responses that I’ve received, I may have to go back to 3 and really work it in. I did initially do the process 3-2-1.
  2. I did everything in the order you mentioned and you can see how badly my dome Port is scratched now. Before there was one scratch, now the entire surface is scratched after using Novus 3. Im not sure what to do?
  3. Hi Guys, After doing some searching around the forums here on the best methods to revive a scratched dome port, I found various members recommending the Novus 123 product. I initially cleaned my port with Novus 1, then proceeded to try Novus 2. I was still left with a deeper scratch, so I used Novus 3. It completely scratched up my dome port surface. I tried to go back to Novus 2, followed by Novus 1 but to no avail. At this point, I'm assuming I will have to buy another dome port unless someone can recommend a fix?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions and info Chris! I've ordered some desiccant packs which should be arriving tomorrow. I'll put a few inside and see if that helps absorb any moisture. I have also opened the back of the housing and took off the front port to let everything air out. I'll add some silicone to the o-rings too to get a good fresh seal.
  5. I went underwater yesterday and my lens Port fogged up within a few minutes of being in the water. I was just snorkeling and the housing was about two feet under the water. I thought that maybe by leaving the housing in the water to climatize for awhile, the condensation would clear. Unfortunately after an hour + the condensation/fog didn’t clear. I swam back to shore, took the unit apart, cleaned the condensation off and tried again. Same issue within a few minutes of entering. I’m here in Ontario, Canada. The air temp was 22 degrees Celsius and the water temp was around 18 degrees Celsius. Not a huge temp difference. Looking for some suggestions on why this might have happened and what I can do to ensure this doesn’t happen again this fall.
  6. I wanted to updated everyone on my situation. I stopped into the dive shop on Friday. They set me up with a dive belt and two 3 lb weights. I went out to a local reservoir on Saturday and tried them out. I was still buoyant enough to float on the surface but it brought me down a few inches lower into the water. I tried a duck dive and used my fins to get me down. When I relaxed, I instantly shot back up to the surface without any effort. Do you think I might need a bit more weight or would what I have be about right? I definitely still felt comfortable and safe with the weight belt attached.
  7. Thanks Tim. I think I will go this route and see if it helps. I mentioned in another reply that there is a local dive shop that has their own indoor pool onsite. I'm going to pop in with my wetsuit and see if they can fit me with the proper weight belt / weights to get me to where I want to be but in a safe manner.
  8. Keep in mind that I am very new to all of this, so nobody mentioned that I should use weights or even that the wetsuit is so positively buoyant. I was surprised when I first got into the water and floated ;). I think what I may do is go to a local dive shop that has a pool onsite and get them to properly fit me with the correct amount of weight.
  9. Thanks Bill! I should mention that I don't yet own a BCD or tank, so I'm looking at the next best alternative for the time being.
  10. I photograph a lot in shallow areas of lakes and reservoirs (2 to 10 feet). Quite often, I am wearing my Bare 7mm Wetsuit and shoot while snorkeling. There are many times that I want to drop down a foot or two so that I'm level with the fish instead of shooting down on them. Unfortunately, my wetsuit will not allow me to sink. I'm wondering if a weight belt would allow me to sink to the depth I'm looking for without dragging me down. Any feedback or other suggestions on the best technique would be much appreciated!
  11. Hi Everyone! My name is Trevor Pottelberg. I'm a professional landscape photographer from Ontario, Canada. I purchased an underwater housing and some lights a year or so ago and have been slowly getting into underwater photography via snorkeling local lakes and reservoirs. The end goal is to get my dive certificate but I have eustachian tube dysfunction in my left ear. Until I can get that cleared up, I'm stuck with just snorkeling. I'm really excited to be a part of this community and I hope to learn a lot from everyone!
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