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  1. I wanted to thank everyone for all the help with gear selection and share some of my shots from my first trip with the new gear aboard the Belize Aggressor III Apparently, due to weather we didn't get to do all of the "best" sites, but I still found the trip to be great and probably wouldn't have known this without talking to the captain more about the typical route. The diving was much better than what I had seen before in Belize. Overall, I am happy with the choice to go with the canon 8-15mm setup, but could see in the future trying out the 28-60mm. Surprisingly underwater the setup doesn't seem much different to handle to me than my old Olympus set up. Yes, it's incrementally larger, but to me the benefit in IQ and dynamic range makes up for this. I guess going from a ~6 year old MFT format to a brand new FF should be better so not too surprised there. I still have a ton of images to process, but these are some of my favorites so far.
  2. @Phil Rudin - I greatly appreciate your response and wisdom. I have read the uwpmag reviews you have written and they are definitely a wonderful resource. I ended up pulling the trigger yesterday to start out with the 8-15mm. Mainly it came down to the fact that I wanted to ease the transition into a new system and figure it would be closest to the Panasonic 8mm on M43 that I was shooting before and was happy with. Mainly I decided that this would give me a good comparison to understand the new FF system and then could always add the 28-60 / WWL-1B, especially if I end up shooting more video which I plan to learn a bit more of. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread, its been really helpful. P.S I got my new A1 just the other day and took it out to shoot the migrating Bald Eagles that call Colorado home in the winter. I am blown away at the AF on this thing, cannot wait to use it more.
  3. Yup, this all makes sense. Seems like they are both good options. I am leaning towards the fish eye since it is what I know from my previous set up and will ease the transition to a new camera system. Once I have mastered the new system with the fish eye, maybe then I will revisit the decision to add the WWL.
  4. @RVbldr - thank you so much, the RAW was way more helpful than what is shown on the forum. After compressing enough for upload here, it does degrade significantly (See attached, super quick edit in LR). I think it will just come down to whether I want a Fish Eye or Rectilinear, which I am still having trouble deciding. Thanks for all the inputs.
  5. @RVbldr I think those images are convincing me that I want to go with the Fish eye. What focal length are those manta shots taken at? In general, all of those shots seem very soft to me. I appreciate the responses, and while I understand the comments about FE to Rectilinear being apples to oranges for me I have only ever shot a FE underwater (or macro), so maybe I should just stick with a FE for now and get the canon set up.
  6. Super excited to be upgrading to a FF camera from many years of shooting M4/3s. I previously shot the Panasonic 8mm FE lens for wide angle shots and am now debating between two options for a WA set up with the Sony. Option 1: Sony 28-60mm with the WWL-1B Option 2: Canon 8-15mm with the 140MM glass dome I am mainly a stills shooter and I think am more concerned with IQ and sharpness than the flexibility of being able to zoom to a 60mm. Would love any help in deciding. It seems that the WWL-1B set up is rather new, so I haven't been able to find any sample images taken with it or good info on how it will perform with that lens from Sony. Thank you all for the time and responses! Phil
  7. Camera and lenses have all sold. Have all of the items lists under Housing and Ports + Accessories still left. Reducing the package for them to $1750
  8. That is a great question, I could never seem to get it to focus well for true macro subjects with the full range. Maybe it was just my lens, but I had way better luck when shooting nudibranchs for example with the focus limiter engaged.
  9. Really appreciate all the responses. Seems like with the A1 the 90mm macro is a no brainer.
  10. I think I am convinced to go with the Sony at this point. I am curious about the focus limiter on it. Previously I shot with the Olympus 60mm macro, which for "true" macro had to be limited to the minimal focus distance by the limiter, making it unusable while underwater for fish portrait type shots. Sometime I would go out with it set up ahead of time for the longer working distance when wanting to capture somewhat larger subjects. It looks like the Sony would allow for the full focusing range to be selected while still shooting true macro. Is this correct? I would guess the autofocus would have to work a little harder to initial acquire focus, but this might be a reasonable trade off for the in dive flexibility. Appreciate all the comments and responses! Pretty excited to get the new camera underwater soon.
  11. @Isaac Szabo and @oneyellowtang thanks for the input! I just read this post re: the 90mm on the A1 and sounds like it is pretty good on that camera https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Sony-a1-Underwater-Camera-Review
  12. Thanks for the response @ChrisRoss - Specifically the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Art DG DN Macro Lens for Sony E-Mount Cameras https://www.backscatter.com/Sigma-105mm-f-2-8-Art-Lens-Sony-E-Mount
  13. Does anyone have experience with both of these lenses to determine which has better Autofocus when paired with a A7rIV or A1? It sounds like both are very sharp lenses, but there are conflicting reports of which one has better AF underwater. Would love any feedback on the topic. I recently spoke with a sales representative at backscatter who didn't think the sony 90mm was a good option, so wanted to get some more opinions here. Thanks all!
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