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  1. I finally got a gallery posted of some of my images from our Philippines trip earlier this year. I guess one good thing about staying at home is there is a lot of time to process images! We spent 2 weeks there, 5 days diving in Anilao and the rest over in Puerto Galera. I will hopefully post the Puerto Galera shots soon but here is the link to the Anilao gallery. https://www.elsasserphotography.com/Galleries/Anilao-2020/ All taken with the following gear Olympus em1 mk2 Nauticam housing 2 x YSD2 strobes Olympus 60mm macro lens (except for the seascape shot) I have been very happy with the EM1 MK2 underwater for underwater macro subjects. Thanks for looking, any comments or critiques are very welcomed.
  2. Yes, with an olympus em1-mk2. I don't think the camera matters much these days ;), so much incredible technology, up to us to put it to use! I greatly appreciate the compliments!
  3. Awesome! Yea, if you swim up on it from the nearby "lake" divesite you get that perspective which is what inspired me to take that image.
  4. @TimG Thanks for the feedback! It seems the pederson shrimp are often easier to get seperated from the background as compared to the spotted cleaners. I will definitely keep this in mind next time I am shooting and try some different lighting techniques. I actually read Underwater Photography Masterclass on the airplane ride down to Bonaire. It is an incredible book and helped me a lot. There is so much information though I would need a few trips to try all the different techniques
  5. This is my first time posting here and I am excited to share some of my images from last months trip to Bonaire. https://www.elsasserphotography.com/Galleries/Bonaire-2019 These are all taken with an Olympus Em1 Mk2 in the Nauticam Housing. Wide angle shots used the Panasonic 8mm FE lens, and the macro shots the Olympus 60mm. Post processing done in Lightroom and sometimes in Photoshop as well. This is my third trip with my new camera (previously used the TG4) and definitely have noticed an improvement in my images, but still would love any feedback from the amazing photographers on this forum!
  6. Hello All, My name is Phil Elsasser. I am a PADI instructor and photographer as well. I live in Colorado, but try and get to the Ocean as much as possible to dive. I started out shooting an Olympus TG4 and have since upgraded to the EM1 MK2 and have loved every minute of it! Thanks, Phil Elsasser
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